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Gaming for Free

By Jeff_AlexanderMarch 17, 2009
With money tight, and costs going up, you need to make your gaming dollar go further than ever before. Buying new games is expensive. Buying used games is cheap, but only by so much. Buying no games at all is free, but then you have... More  →

Everything Is Bigger In Texas, Except Homework Assignments

By Dan_BergsteinMarch 17, 2009
Is homework a necessary part of education? Probably. But according to CBS News, the teachers in the Plano Independent School District in Texas were told that next year, homework for middle school students will go the way of the dinosaurs. Perhaps they sawMore  →

Dere Teacher, UR Class Makes Me Dumber

By Emily WinterMarch 16, 2009
Dere _______________ (your teacher's name here), I'm writing this letter on behalf of ______________ (group of students) at ____________ (your school name) who think you do a ______________ job as a teacher. You seem to think you are soooooo __________, but really, I haven't learned a... More  →

The Video Gamer’s Guide to Driver’s Ed

By Chris_DikenMarch 13, 2009
If you are not yet of legal age to operate a motor vehicle yet (or have been stripped of that right for some reason--unjust, to be sure), there are still some easy ways to experience the satisfaction of keeping two tons of metal on the road and... More  →

...and Then I Put Her Head in the Microwave. Just for a Minute.

By Emily WinterMarch 13, 2009
Happy Birthday, Barbie! Now it's time to sever your head. This week, Barbie turned 50. Whoop-di-do. Seriously, we wouldn't care too much about the little tart if it weren't for the following two tidbits: 1. Barbie was based on a German sex doll who was made as... More  →

Dr. Jay: Whassup Teens, I Totally Hear Ya For Shizzle!

By Kathryn_WilliamsMarch 12, 2009
So we just found out that Dr. Phil’s son, Jay McGraw (apparently Dr. Phil does have a last name), has written several self-help books for young adults. Life Strategies for Teens is Dr. Jay’s teenified version of his dad’s Life Strategies... More  →

A Week Without LOST

By Dan_BergsteinMarch 12, 2009
Things are moving along at a pretty good clip this season on LOST. Thanks to time travel, plot twists are popping up left and right, and last week's episode opened up a whole new can of worms with a Sawyer/Juliet/Kate love triangle. With so much... More  →

How To Tell Your Boss You Blew It

By Jeff_AlexanderMarch 12, 2009
Everyone wants their boss to think they're awesome and invaluable and, most of all, perfect. But while you might actually be awesome and invaluable, nobody is perfect. Not even you. So the all-important question is how to tell your boss when you've done something that proves your... More  →

Glitter in the Morning: Meet Glitter

By Emily WinterMarch 12, 2009
What would you do if one day you were making music in Garage Band and putting it on your blog, and the next you had an agent, a record deal and were a famous pop star? Um, yeah. That's what happened to our girl, Glitter, who... More  →