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Paris: The Night Shift

By guestMarch 18, 2009
Our SparkGirl in Paris takes you party-hopping through her neighborhood. Beware the secondhand smoke and the glorious allure of 2 a.m. donor kebabs! Actually, go ahead and give in to the donor kebabs. Resistance is futile. Start up your dance party playlist (especially if Lady... More  →

We're Not Playing God, Here.

By kat_rosenfieldMarch 17, 2009
When it comes to great Hollywood roles, there’s nothing quite like playing the Devil. He's diabolical! So scheming! So much more interesting to play than that boring, goody two-shoes God! (Especially since nobody will ever play God better than Morgan Freeman in "Bruce Almighty." Seriously,... More  →

The Benefits of Being a Band Geek/Orchestra Dork

By Chris_DikenMarch 17, 2009
Joining the band or orchestra doesn’t yield the same kind of rewards as other high school extracurriculars. Track stars get those perfectly toned legs. Chess club members pump up their brains. And that solar eclipse? It’s being caused by a football player’s bicep. That leaves... More  →

Joaquin and Rollin'

By Jeff_AlexanderMarch 17, 2009
Last week, Joachin Phoenix jumped into the crowd at one of his hip-hop shows to confront a group of hecklers. This is just the latest incident that makes us scratch our heads and wonder "just what the hell is Joaquin Phoenix up to these days?"... More  →

What Really Caused the America's Next Top Model Riots?

By Chris_DikenMarch 17, 2009
Today on the Tyra Banks Show: Rampaging Wannabe Models Explain Why They Flipped Out! All right, so that’s wishful thinking. Today’s Tyra is actually a “What Would YOU Do?”-style show featuring babies locked in cars, waiters dropping food on the floor, and hidden cameras that... More  →

Gaming for Free

By Jeff_AlexanderMarch 17, 2009
With money tight, and costs going up, you need to make your gaming dollar go further than ever before. Buying new games is expensive. Buying used games is cheap, but only by so much. Buying no games at all is free, but then you have... More  →

Everything Is Bigger In Texas, Except Homework Assignments

By Dan_BergsteinMarch 17, 2009
Is homework a necessary part of education? Probably. But according to CBS News, the teachers in the Plano Independent School District in Texas were told that next year, homework for middle school students will go the way of the dinosaurs. Perhaps they sawMore  →

Dere Teacher, UR Class Makes Me Dumber

By Emily WinterMarch 16, 2009
Dere _______________ (your teacher's name here), I'm writing this letter on behalf of ______________ (group of students) at ____________ (your school name) who think you do a ______________ job as a teacher. You seem to think you are soooooo __________, but really, I haven't learned a... More  →

The Video Gamer’s Guide to Driver’s Ed

By Chris_DikenMarch 13, 2009
If you are not yet of legal age to operate a motor vehicle yet (or have been stripped of that right for some reason--unjust, to be sure), there are still some easy ways to experience the satisfaction of keeping two tons of metal on the road and... More  →