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Would You Rather: School Uniform Edition

By Kathryn_WilliamsApril 8, 2009
Even though I went to an all-girls Episcopal prep school, I didn't have to wear a uniform. Fortunately, this meant that I didn't have to dress like a movie theater usher, a sailor, Diane Keaton, or a stripper on... More  →

Teach Your Parents How to Text

By Chris_DikenApril 8, 2009
Communicating with your parents is important. You need to give them just enough info to keep them off your back, and they need to be able to tell you to stay off drugs, stay in school, and stay home this Friday night even though everyone... More  →

Parents vs. School, Who's the Good Guy?

By Emily WinterApril 8, 2009
Parents. School. How can two entities that only want to ensure your fun, fabulous, financially stable future be so… annoying sometimes? It doesn't make sense. You know they're there to help you, but you can't help feel disconnected sometimes. (It might have something to do with... More  →

Auntie SparkNotes Knows How to Deal with Textboy McStalkyPants

By kat_rosenfieldApril 8, 2009
This week, we heard from a girl with a too-persistent admirer:

“I REALLY need your help! Two years ago over the summer I met this guy at camp. He seemed okay, but kind of weird and really negative. I felt bad, so I asked him

... More  →


By Emily WinterApril 7, 2009
Say there's this girl. Uh, a friend of a friend of a friend. Yeah. Let's just call her SparkPlotes. And uh, SparkPlotes forged a signature on a permission slip—long story—anyway, her high school wasn't too happy. Mind you, we don't know SparkPlotes, and we'd never do... More  →

For Those About To (Math) Rock

By Jonathan_FlaxApril 7, 2009
I know what you’re thinking. Math does a lot of things. Like periodically ruin your life. One thing it does not do is rock. So what in the world is “math rock”? Is it what mathletes listen to on their iPods to psych themselves up for... More  →

Viral Video Album

By Katie_RolnickApril 6, 2009
Like countless others in the digital community, we too were swept up last month in the existential humor of David After Dentist. But after the high wore off, we couldn't help but lament all the other viral video phenoms that have brightened our lives only to fade into the pop culture wasteland, never... More  →

Form Your Own Clique

By Dan_BergsteinApril 6, 2009
You're not a jock. You're not a nerd. You don't dance. You're not into cars. You're not a cheerleader. You can't sing. You're smart, but not smart enough to hang with the brainy kids. You're not into drugs. You're not overly emotional. You don't quite... More  →

News Flash: The Vending Machine Robots Are Watching You

By kat_rosenfieldApril 6, 2009
This just in: The rise of the machines is upon us. Though this Associated Press article purports to be all about the energy-saving initiatives underway in schools across the country, we never made it past the report’s absolutely terrifying opening line: “The candy machine... More  →

Miles and Hurley Make Everything Better

By Dan_BergsteinApril 3, 2009
Thanks to Kate's teary-eyed conversations and Sawyer's relationship issues, this week's LOST felt eerily like an episode of Grey's Anatomy. But there was one shining moment in the episode when Miles and Hurley try to explain time travel. Their back-and-forth banter proved that even the... More  →