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How Would You Punish the Perpetrator of Poison Peanut Pandemonium?

By kat_rosenfieldFebruary 16, 2009
Stewart Parnell is a bad, bad man. Investigators recently unearthed a spate of emails from the Peanut Corp. owner and operator; the correspondence suggests that Parnell knowingly shipped the salmonella-tainted products that unleashed the grisly specter of peanut-flavored death on the American public.... More  →

Hate Doing Math Homework? Transfer to Mime School

By Dan_BergsteinFebruary 16, 2009
No one enjoys homework. That's why it's not called "Rad Work," or "Skull Robot Tasks." But homework is an inevitable part of education, even at unusual institutes of learning. We here at SparkNotes rounded up our favorite unorthodox schools, and while we're not... More  →

The Ultimate Car for Winter Driving

By Chris_DikenFebruary 13, 2009
Unless you have the chance to take your car into a snowboard park, driving in the winter kinda sucks. You have to deal with dead batteries, butt-freezing seats, and slippery conditions that can turn a trip to the store into an impromptu meeting... More  →

And the Saddest Valentine Award Goes To...

By Emily WinterFebruary 13, 2009
Buck up, you broke and lonely lust puppies: Turns out you won't be the one to have the WORST VALENTINE'S DAY IN THE WORLD, after all. But these five people will! 5. A-Rod the 'Roidster. Okay, did anyone really think baseball's most... More  →

How To Handle Teachers In Public

By Dan_BergsteinFebruary 13, 2009
It's hard to believe, but teachers have lives outside of school. What's more, the world is small enough that on any given weekend, you have a 63% chance of seeing a teacher out in the wild. When you spot such a teacher, your... More  →

Complete Recap of Last Night's LOST (100-percent Spoiler Free)

By Dan_BergsteinFebruary 12, 2009
No one enjoys spoilers. But after watching last night's shocking episode of LOST, the SparkNotes crew cannot sit on our hands and keep quiet. In an effort to report on the show while remaining friends with those who have yet to see the... More  →

How Not to Die of Embarrassment: The Boot-and-Run

By kat_rosenfieldFebruary 12, 2009
From the first homeroom bell to the slam of the last locker door, a typical high school day is ripe with opportunity. . .for total mortification, that is. You sidestep the juice spill near the ladies’ room, only to emerge with your... More  →

The Joy of Competitive Homework

By Dan_BergsteinFebruary 12, 2009
Homework is boring. To make it less stultifying, some experts suggest turning your assignments into a game. This writer recommends setting a timer, and then trying to beat the clock. Perhaps this seemed riveting before balls or fun were invented, but... More  →

The Terrifying Trend That Never Was

By kat_rosenfieldFebruary 12, 2009
Hey, guys! Remember last year, when Tyra Banks said that teenagers were having too much sex, and everyone immediately freaked out about the big, scary, Teen Sex Epidemic? Um, yeah, about that. It turns out that The Screeching of Tyra Banks is actually... More  →

What A College Tour Guide Is Really Saying

By Emily WinterFebruary 11, 2009
College tour guides are a unique breed of totally cute, optimistic, and spunky. ...Because they're paid to be that way. Luckily, we at Sparklife happen to know plenty of campus guides—and the clever euphemisms they use to describe their schools. Here's the list you'll need for all... More  →