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First Kiss Bliss?

By Laura_WassonMay 6, 2009
There are a handful super-monumental occasions in every teen’s life, from the first high school dance to the first job; there are just some events that are so defining, you’ll be recounting them for as long as you live. And perhaps none is so utterly... More  →

But Does It Have a Cute Mascot? Overlooked School Selection Criteria

By Jeff_AlexanderMay 6, 2009
When it comes time to pick a college, all those big brochures you get in the mail can get overwhelming. We at SparkNotes have a suggestion for exactly how to deal with them: Throw them away. The truth is that the stuff you really need to know about... More  →

Disney Princesses: Live Happily Ever After, Even If You're a Total Freak

By kat_rosenfieldMay 6, 2009
In recent years, Disney hasn't been that into princesses. Instead of cute girls in twinkly tiaras, it's given us other, funner fare: monsters, bugs, superheroes, and, of course, WALL-E. But with footage from brand-spanking-new flick The Princess and the... More  →

GO, FIGHT, WIN! Or...Not.

By Emily WinterMay 5, 2009
So what if you got zonked in the nose with a basketball so very hard this season that your bruises have bruises, and every time you see the Firefox icon it reminds you of a basketball covered in tears. We can’t all be star athletes. But that... More  →

Sixteen and Totally Famous, on SparkLife

By ContributorMay 5, 2009
Here at SparkNotes, we’ve been mining for rockstar Sparklers - real readers with enough wit and wisdom to make us laugh, cry, and watch Almost Famous for the eighth time. Sparkler JanetteChen tells all about turning THE BIG 1-6! Enjoy!    -SparkNotes Editors Turning sixteen is a... More  →

For All Intensive Purposes, I Literally Could of Died

By Chris_DikenMay 5, 2009
All right, so you’ve got “loquacious” on lockdown, you’re rock solid on “recalcitrant,” and you’re totally unshakable when it comes to “usurp.” Hammering those SAT vocab flashcards paid off big time, and a lot of these ten-dollar words have... More  →

Looking for a Change? Play the Name Game!

By Katie_RolnickMay 5, 2009
Ever feel like your name just doesn't fit you?  On the first day of class your teacher calls out "Simon Watersmith" and you raise your hand and say, "Just call me Sam."  Or you use your middle name or your favorite aunt's name, whatever.  But those are... More  →

Student's Day

By Jeff_AlexanderMay 5, 2009
You probably remember asking your parents, some time during that month between Mother's Day and Father's Day, why there wasn't a Kid's Day. And you probably remember them saying every year, "Every day is Kid's Day," which is why you don't ask any more. But back... More  →

I Reject Your Rejection Letter

By Kathryn_WilliamsMay 4, 2009
Waiting for a college acceptance or rejection letter usually goes a little something like this: Race home after school to find your mail hasn't arrived yet. Stare at the mailbox as if said mail might miraculously appear out of nowhere. Rejoice at the arrival of the post-person. Rush to... More  →

Who's Guarding Your Colors?

By Dan_BergsteinMay 4, 2009
It's safe to assume that your high school has a color guard team, a group of talented individuals who use a combination of dance, flag spinning, and synchronized moves to entertain audiences during parades and sporting events. But are they really guarding your colors? More... More  →