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When a Man and a Woman Really Love Each Other

By kat_rosenfieldApril 10, 2009
Ah, Spring! The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and in living rooms around the world, parents are sitting down with their kids for that time-honored family tradition… The Sex Talk. We’ll wait while you stop screaming. The Sex Talk—that heart-to-heart parental chat about the birds and... More  →

Managing Limbo Friends: A Virtual Primer

By Katie_RolnickApril 10, 2009
You know all those friend requests that you haven't answered? The ones that are just sitting there, tormenting you every time you log into your Facebook or myspace account? We have 'em too, and we're just as unsure about what to do with our limbo friends as you are. Accept them,... More  →

Marching Band: A Fascinating Ecosystem

By ContributorApril 10, 2009
SparkLife reader Andy Johnson has made a close study of the group of interdependent organisms commonly known as marching band. Here are his findings. Enjoy!—SparkLife editors Ah, marching band. To outsiders, it’s a bunch of kids in matching uniforms. But insiders know it’s a strange world... More  →

Aspiring Thespian? Beware the Sopranaconda.

By kat_rosenfieldApril 9, 2009
Last month, SparkNotes took you inside the sordid underworld of high school athletics, exposing the Scholar Athlete/Dumb Jock dichotomy and teaching you to identify the unique behaviors of different cheerleader species. If you were tantalized by the rich anthropology of the varsity... More  →

The LOST Rules

By Dan_BergsteinApril 9, 2009
On last night's LOST, we learned that The Island, and the Others, are strict about the enforcement of rules. And apparently, the smoke monster acts as some kind of judge/jury/executioner. (In our mind, Smokey sits on a lifeguard chair, twirling a whistle as he lazily... More  →

Bikini Body Disorder and Other Fake Diseases

By Kathryn_WilliamsApril 9, 2009
According to, America is in the grip of a terrifying health crisis: bikini body disorder. is all annoyed with Valerie Bertinelli for spreading the disease by worrying aloud about her jiggly parts, telling People magazine about her self-loathing... More  →

Can We Have Some New Debate Topics, Please?

By Dan_BergsteinApril 8, 2009
If you are on the debate team, you know that most of the topics should we put this...boring. Yes, diplomacy, social issues, and science are great fodder for academic debates. But no matter who wins the argument, the audience always loses. (We mean no... More  →

Would You Rather: School Uniform Edition

By Kathryn_WilliamsApril 8, 2009
Even though I went to an all-girls Episcopal prep school, I didn't have to wear a uniform. Fortunately, this meant that I didn't have to dress like a movie theater usher, a sailor, Diane Keaton, or a stripper on... More  →

Teach Your Parents How to Text

By Chris_DikenApril 8, 2009
Communicating with your parents is important. You need to give them just enough info to keep them off your back, and they need to be able to tell you to stay off drugs, stay in school, and stay home this Friday night even though everyone... More  →

Parents vs. School, Who's the Good Guy?

By Emily WinterApril 8, 2009
Parents. School. How can two entities that only want to ensure your fun, fabulous, financially stable future be so… annoying sometimes? It doesn't make sense. You know they're there to help you, but you can't help feel disconnected sometimes. (It might have something to do with... More  →