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Senior Class Cougars, Episode 2

By Emily WinterMay 20, 2009
What's it like going to a high school where your mascot doubles as a term for lusty, middle-aged women? And how is it humanly possibly for Ed's crush to look JUST LIKE Winnie Cooper of The Wonder Years?! HOW?! These questions, and the... More  →

Ten MORE Books That Drive Students Nuts

By Chris_DikenMay 19, 2009
A few weeks back, we talked smack about ten works of literature that inflict varying degrees of brain pain on unsuspecting students. Based on the hundreds of Sparkler comments we received, it seems we struck a nerve, as many of you were also... More  →

The Best Summer Jobs Ever!

By Katie_RolnickMay 19, 2009
If your summer jobs are like the ones we had in high school, you'll wear a lame uniform and a plastic name tag and spend each hour staring at the clock, counting down until your next 15-minute break.  That is, unless... More  →

Going to Prom: And Other Stupid Ways to Get Suspended

By Jeff_AlexanderMay 19, 2009
Last week, an Ohio high school student was suspended for--wait for it--going to prom. Now, that principal sounds like the ultimate killjoy to us. But perhaps we're just not giving him enough credit. When you really think about it, there are plenty of actions... More  →

Does the Movie Live Up to the Book?

By ContributorMay 19, 2009
Here at SparkNotes, we've been publishing the opinions and stories of our very own rock star Sparklers. Today, a Sparkler called Spidrmunkey muses about books, movies, and of course, the T word... —SparkNotes Editors When Hollywood makes a book into a movie, there's always risk involved.... More  →

Recession-Proof Games for You and Your Friends

By Joe_LynchMay 19, 2009
With summer just around the corner, you are about to take a trip to Freedom City, population: you. Free time is glorious, but free time without money can seem about as senseless as taking your cousin to prom. And with the recession, there’s a 97%... More  →

Unpopular or Not Popular, That is the Question

By Laura_WassonMay 19, 2009
At first glance these two words probably seem to have an identical meaning, but they are really quite different. Being unpopular means genuinely not being liked and being labeled a social pariah of some persuasion, whereas if you just aren't popular, no one really cares... More  →

Stop The Photo Madness!

By Matt_HunzikerMay 18, 2009

As anyone who remembers having to buy one of those 20-shot disposable cameras for every slumber party, school dance, and birthday will tell you, digital cameras are great. They’re cheap and easy to use and you never pay to have photos developed only to

... More  →

Prom Photos 101: Voguing in Formalwear

By kat_rosenfieldMay 18, 2009
Here at SparkNotes, we’ve already given you sage advice on scoring a prom date, hooked you up with some bitchin’ dance moves, and provided you with a fully-illustrated guide to avoiding Classic Prom Pitfalls. But before we let you out the door... More  →

Get Into the School Paper Before It's Too Late

By Dan_BergsteinMay 18, 2009
Attention all graduating seniors (and those about to drop out): You have only a few days, or hours, left to get yourself in the school paper before graduation. We know some of you think you don't care about being in the school paper. But one... More  →