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WTF Files: Every Touch is a Bad Touch!

By kat_rosenfieldMarch 30, 2009
Hey, Tiger, why the long face? Monday got you down? Midterms stressing you out? Mom and Dad just don’t understand you? Auntie SparkNotes knows how you feel, you poor dear. But before you throw yourself a pity party and call yourself a waaaahmbulance, just... More  →

Win the Battle of the Graduation Parties

By Dan_BergsteinMarch 30, 2009

High school seniors are just weeks (all right, months) away from graduating. And with graduation comes parties. Unfortunately, thanks to chronology, there are only a limited number of weekends in June in which to have your graduation celebration. How to ensure that your bash will

... More  →

The Kids Are out of Control

By Emily WinterMarch 30, 2009
Holy rolling vampires, Batman! We're completely overwhelmed, and it's not just a touch of the Mondays. It's stress. And if our stress were an animal, it would be a giant squid monster. Here's the thing: We can't take these teenage moguls anymore. Not one more minute... More  →

Comments We Love

By SparkLifeMarch 27, 2009
Have we toooooooold you lately...that we love you? We really do! We love all of you. Just look at the kind of amazing and hilarious comments you've written this week. 1. User: Trajena Comment: "I love this! The tip about the sandwich is actually pretty helpful.... More  →

STOP What You're Blogging

By Emily WinterMarch 27, 2009
Ding the irony bell: Yes, you observant, fabulous Sparklers, we're about to tell you all the things you shouldn't live blog. But here's the thing: in this crazy world full of rag tag Twittering teens, there have to be some rules to what should and shouldn't be live blogged (live blug?). And... More  →

Illegal Downloading: The Musician's Perspective

By Chris_DikenMarch 27, 2009
Record label execs liken music downloading to piracy on the high seas. Non-wealthy listeners love it because they can keep their iPods stocked with fresh material without going iBroke. But with a few exceptions, we generally have no idea how artists themselves feel... More  →

How to Pick a Date for the Prom

By kat_rosenfieldMarch 27, 2009
Let's cut to the chase. Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, and you need to find a prom date. “But wait,” you are probably saying. “Prom isn’t for another two months at least! I’ll have plenty of time to think about a date later!” And to... More  →

Stumped? Use the Bracket System

By Chris_DikenMarch 27, 2009
March Madness is in the air, and everyone from President Obama to your grandmother has filled out a bracket in hopes of raking in $67.50 in winnings at the end of the tourney. The wide range of participants is one of the great... More  →

Upset? Throw something other than your cat

By Jeff_AlexanderMarch 26, 2009
As you've probably heard by now, the annoying Kenley from Project Runway was arrested last week for throwing some stuff at her boyfriend. Among the barrage of thrown objects was a cat. We admit, this particular choice of projectile was kind of awesome in... More  →

Rah-Rahs in the Wild: A Field Guide to Cheerleaders

By kat_rosenfieldMarch 26, 2009
Last week, your SparkNotes editors explained the two subspecies of the Varsity Athlete in our handy field guide. This week, we’re headed back into the gym for a good, hard look at the cheerleading squad. Though the average high school student may not realize... More  →