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Comments To Pull You Through An All-Nighter

By Jonathan_FlaxMay 11, 2009
Our all-nighter music mix post from last month provoked a huge response from insomniac Sparklers. Many of you wee-hours study addicts jumped in with your own playlist suggestions, which is great since our mix would really only get you to about 12:24 am. Some of... More  →

Unmuggable High School Students

By Jeff_AlexanderMay 11, 2009
Recently, a couple of muggers who attempted to rob a high school student got more than they bargained for when their would-be victim came after them with her drum majorette's baton. We at SparkNotes don't advocate any form of violence, but we fully support... More  →

Yesterday was Mother's Day?!?!

By Katie_RolnickMay 11, 2009
Awwww, man! You totally messed up and forgot that yesterday was Mother's Day.  It was just that when you woke up at 1:00 (OK, 3:00), after shoveling down a giant bowl of cereal, you got right to work studying for that Chem test... More  →

Scottish Invasion-With Guitars!

By Joe_LynchMay 11, 2009
If someone starts talking about Scottish music, your mind probably conjures up an image of a man in a skirt *cough * kilt holding a bagpipe and blaring “Amazing Grace” across the moors of his simple, rustic village. Think about it longer though…. -Belle &... More  →

Get Over It: A Guide to Breakups

By kat_rosenfieldMay 8, 2009
There’s no getting around it: Being dumped is the pits. One day you’re sooo happy together, skipping hand in hand down the rainbow-colored Path of Romance, wandering in the unicorn-infested Forest of Love, snuggling together on the couch to watch Nick and Nora’s... More  →

Comments We Really, Really Like

By Emily WinterMay 8, 2009
But, ohhhh yikes, smumpy, gurblurgle, *deep breath*, we're just not ready to drop the L Bomb yet, okay? What does "love" really mean, anyway? What if we both have different definitions for the word and you totally get the wrong idea? We promise, there's no... More  →

Some Bands Will Put Their Name on Anything

By Chris_DikenMay 8, 2009
Back in the day, when a band did something explicitly for money, it was called “selling out.” No one was happy about it, except maybe the band members, who were then able to afford that week in Jamaica. But now that record sales bring in a lot less... More  →

Sorry, Charlie, Girls Prefer Boys Who Don't Actually Exist

By ContributorMay 8, 2009
Liz_Nash is a super Sparkler who's last blog on SparkLife was smart, funny and may have even helped a few of you pass English class. Us SparkNotes editors have asked her to come back more often to share her fabu-wisdom. Look for Liz... More  →

The Two-Second Relationship

By Laura_WassonMay 8, 2009
Long-term relationships are the stuff of high school fantasy. There's always that one golden couple who's been together forever and may very well end up married. But for every super-serious "wear my letter jacket" relationship, there are at least ten two-second relationships. These relationships are so... More  →

Let's Type About Sex

By Chris_DikenMay 8, 2009
There are lots of ways to learn about sex. You can wait for your parents to mortify you with “the talk.” You can study the subject in health class, where you’re forced to watch movies such as Your Body During Adolescence. Another option... More  →