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School's Out For the Summer!

By ContributorJune 22, 2009
Sparkler Iamem19 diaries her last day of high school in this post. How did your last day compare?  —SparkNotes Editors The last day of school is complete chaos, agreed? Whether it consists of trashing the school or doing a senior prank, the out-of-controlness of the last... More  →

The 4th of July is Better Than Christmas

By Dan_BergsteinJune 22, 2009
We are a few days away from the glorious Fourth of July, and if you're not jumping with excitement and screaming with glee, then perhaps you fail to realize how fun and amazing Independence Day is. It's better than Christmas, and here's why: Better dining... More  →

Confessions of Sparkler: My Boyfriend is My Pillow

By ContributorJune 22, 2009
Super Sparkler AllisonJY is back! After a failed first date, she's admits she's decided to date...her pillow. Enjoy! —SparkNotes Editors. I’m generally a nice girl. I don’t let boys get fresh with me, I don’t participate in illegal activities, and my idea of a fun Saturday... More  →

Don't End Up On Lamebook

By Matt_HunzikerJune 22, 2009

You know that friend of yours who uses her Facebook status box to deliver up-to-the-minute bulletins on the painful disintegration of all of her personal relationships? What about the person who clogs up your newsfeed with unhinged emotional tirades addressed

... More  →

Blogging Twilight: Part 17

By Dan_BergsteinJune 19, 2009
Dan Bergstein is reading Twilight and blogging about it. Need to catch up? Check out parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, ... More  →
Blogging Twilight: Part 17

The Friday Awards

By Emily WinterJune 19, 2009
Sparklers, you were more fun to read this week than eating a bag of squeaky cheese curds in an echoey auditorium. Here's a taste of your sweet, sweet word nectar, in a nutshell. Well, You Certainly Don't Hear That Name Every Day Points (for names of... More  →

Chris Listens: Australians, Vegetarians, and Summer-School-ians

By Chris_DikenJune 19, 2009
I’m proud of you, Sparklers. In last week’s double installment of Chris Listens, we tackled some tough questions, and the outpouring of support in the comments really warmed this blogger’s heart. I want to sincerely thank everyone who chimed... More  →

Recession-Proof Games, Part Deux

By Joe_LynchJune 19, 2009
Not that we expected any less, but you Sparklers amazed us with your feedback on our list of recession-proof games. The comments section for that post could serve as a handbook to the bored, subversive, shameless prankster in us all. In fact, Bored,... More  →

Say It In Swahili

By Matt_HunzikerJune 19, 2009

When you first registered for high school classes, your language options probably went a bit like, “Well, you could take Spanish, or French, or German or… did we already mention Spanish?”

What can you do if you’re a language buff who’s not

... More  →

Lights, Camera, Caption!

By Emily WinterJune 19, 2009
Whoever said teenagers were all angst and no wit obviously never read SparkLife comments. Last week, you wrote some hysterical captions for our Cute Thing O the Week (the winning caption appears after the jump). So, can you keep it going? Sure, you've mastered... More  →