Cute Thing of the Week

By Emily WinterJuly 17, 2009
Teehehehehe. What can we say? You asked for it, Sparklers! (And by "it," we mean something non-slimy and non-fuzzy that will make you think about...well, whatever this kind of photo makes you think about.) Comment from either the guy's or the girl's point of view—or your own!... More  →

The FRiday AwaRds

By Emily WinterJuly 17, 2009
Congratulations! You've made it through another week. That makes you one week smarter, one week more self-aware, and one week further away from that time you did something really stupid in front of somebody you really like. Ahhh, feels good, doesn't it? Oh, by the way, this... More  →

Chris Listens: Long-Lost Cousins, Empty Chairs, and the Case of the Gay Dad

By Chris_DikenJuly 17, 2009
Happy Wrong Way Corrigan Day, Sparklers. Wait, you mean to tell me you’ve never heard of Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan? He’s the American pilot who completed a transcontinental flight from California to New York, and then, on this day in 1938, set off... More  →

Let's Go Out to Dinner And See a Moviezzzzzzzzzzzz

By Joe_LynchJuly 17, 2009
Does this sound painfully familiar? “So, do you wanna do something this Saturday night?” “Yeah, I’d love to! What were you thinking?” “Well, you know, maybe we could do dinner and a movie.” “Okay. Or we could always, you know, see a movie and THEN get some dinner.” “Right! Either... More  →

Sparkler Holidays and Food Favorites!

By Matt_HunzikerJuly 17, 2009

Last week we recapped some of the family stories you all shared in response to our original culture post. We heard about everything from revolutions and mob ties to being multilingual and moving all over the planet.

This week, as

... More  →

Blogging New Moon: Part 1

By Dan_BergsteinJuly 16, 2009
A few things before we begin: One book down, three to go. For those just tuning in, I'm reading the Twilight series for the first time, and taking a moment after each chapter to jot down some thoughts, questions, and concerns. Then I create a... More  →
Blogging New Moon: Part 1

Thursday Afternoon Raw: Harry v. Edward Smackdown

By Kathryn_WilliamsJuly 16, 2009
The mainstream media must not have gotten the memo that we settled the Harry Potter/Twilight controversy last week, because they continue to weigh in on the rivalry of the century. The Wall Street Journal may have all kinds of big box... More  →

Blogging Twilight: Index Page

By SparkLifeJuly 16, 2009
We know you love Dan. We love him, too! And now, for your greater reading convenience, we're going to collect all of his Blogging Twilight posts here, in one place. We'll update this page every time a new post goes up. Of course, you are invited... More  →
Blogging Twilight: Index Page

Surviving Your Ex

By ContributorJuly 16, 2009
Sparkler nednettinc may have a PhD in love, but what really impresses us is her toaster. Enjoy! —SparkNotes Editors OK, there are about three ways to deal with ex-girlfriends or boyfriends. 1) Pretend s/he fell off the face of the earth. This is my preferred... More  →

Teen Sends Text Message; World Ends

By kat_rosenfieldJuly 16, 2009
By now, we’re all pretty familiar with the so-called hazards of text messaging. Sore thumbs, skyrocketing SMS charges, opening an innocuous-looking photo attachment only to find yourself looking at a picture of someone’s butt…psh! Old news, my friends. But just when we thought there couldn’t... More  →