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Surviving Your Ex

By ContributorJuly 16, 2009
Sparkler nednettinc may have a PhD in love, but what really impresses us is her toaster. Enjoy! —SparkNotes Editors OK, there are about three ways to deal with ex-girlfriends or boyfriends. 1) Pretend s/he fell off the face of the earth. This is my preferred... More  →

Teen Sends Text Message; World Ends

By kat_rosenfieldJuly 16, 2009
By now, we’re all pretty familiar with the so-called hazards of text messaging. Sore thumbs, skyrocketing SMS charges, opening an innocuous-looking photo attachment only to find yourself looking at a picture of someone’s butt…psh! Old news, my friends. But just when we thought there couldn’t... More  →

"The State" Was Like SNL, But Funny

By Dan_BergsteinJuly 16, 2009
It's always good to have a DVD handy to play during a party. And this week, the perfect party DVD was born. "The State" is a sketch comedy show that aired on MTV in the mid-90s. After being stuck in legal limbo for over a decade,... More  →

Summer Activity Series: Mell-O in a Kiddie Pool Full of Jell-O

By Kathryn_WilliamsJuly 16, 2009
So you want to know how to fill a kiddie pool with Jell-O. Hey, we're not here to judge. What matters is that you felt comfortable coming to us for guidance. That's what we're here for, Sparklers. To walk you through the tricky stuff, the... More  →

Why Are You Laughing!?!

By Joe_LynchJuly 16, 2009
Your friend just tripped up the stairs in front of her crush. Ouch. So why are you laughing?! You feel her embarrassment, but instead of reassuring her, you're cracking up. Laughter is pretty hard to control. It's tough to cut off a genuine laugh, and faking... More  →

Video Games That Will (Maybe) Keep You In Shape

By Matt_HunzikerJuly 16, 2009

People who enjoy video games but also feel little twinges of guilt when they stay inside playing Metroid Prime 3 all day* have it especially rough in the summer. The weather’s nice, if you like that whole “sunshine” thing, and you keep

... More  →

Awesome Thing of the Week

By Emily WinterJuly 15, 2009
That's right, Sparklers, we're back to Youtube-ing it this week with flash mobs in homage to Michael Jackson. Would he be proud? (And is it just me, or does this video make it seem like everyone in Sweden is an amazing dancer?! How... More  →

Flash Mobs 101

By ContributorJuly 15, 2009
Sparkler yesinka lives in Russia, and she wrote this post about a trend in her country and all over the world: flash mobs! Enjoy! —SparkNotes Editors When boredom overwhelms you, organize a flash mob. Imagine a big crowd of people devolving into chaos right in... More  →

Life Made Interesting Through The Power of Rap

By Katie_RolnickJuly 15, 2009

Pre-flight safety instructions: soooooo boring, right? Not necessarily, and here's proof: this awesome video of a Southwest Airlines flight attendant rapping the entire pre-flight announcement. Now, be honest. You would totally pay attention if that happened on your flight, wouldn't you?

... More  →

Stop What You're Doing and Go Watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

By ContributorJuly 15, 2009
Have you watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog yet? You really, really should. And who better to explain why than Sparkler DrHorriblesClone? Take it away, DrHC. —SparkNotes editors Love stories. Bad Horses. Frozen yogurt. If you like any of these things, go to More  →