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Classes They Should Teach in High School

By Joe_LynchJuly 7, 2009
Summer is so painfully sweet—sweet because it presents a reprieve from the grind of classes, and painful because we know it's got to end some time. What makes the inevitable close of summer harder to bear is the knowledge of all the useless garbage you'll be... More  →

Our 5 Fave Shows about High School

By Rupinder_GillJuly 7, 2009
There are too many terrible teen television shows out there. Bravo’s NYC Prep showcases obnoxious Manhattan teens with more money than math homework, Dawson’s Creek featured some of the mopiest teens and corniest dialogue in history, and Saturday morning staple Saved by the... More  →

How to Have Fun While You’re Trapped at Home

By Chris_DikenJuly 7, 2009
During last week’s round of Chris Listens submissions (hey, that rhymes), we received the following dispatch from a Sparkler in distress: So, my mom works all week long, and I am an only child with a single mother. We have had record... More  →

Travel Would Be so Much Easier if I Were a Nudist

By ContributorJuly 7, 2009
Simbelmyne is Sparkler whose last post about teacher crushes was such a huge hit, we've asked her to blog about her life. In this post, her first installment of her summer blog series, Simbelmyne prepares for a month-long trip to Greece with her... More  →

Harry Potter Could Whip the Cullens With One Hand Tied Behind His Back

By kat_rosenfieldJuly 7, 2009
Ever since Robert Pattinson flashed his sparkleface in the big-screen version of everyone’s favorite vampire saga, we at SparkNotes can’t help noticing a certain trend in the always-churning Hollywood gossip mill—a trend that goes something like this: TWILIGHT OMG TWILIGHT TWILIGHT TWILIGHT OMG TWILIIIIIGHT *sound of head... More  →

The 12 Types of Coworkers

By Dan_BergsteinJuly 7, 2009
As if wasting away your months of freedom at a thankless summer job wasn't bad enough, oftentimes the experience is made worse thanks to horrible coworkers. To help you more easily identify your tormentors, we've rounded up the twelve types of coworkers is this easy-to-use... More  →

Oops, I'm a Millionaire!

By ContributorJuly 6, 2009
Do you believe in fate, or just coincidence? In this post, Sparkler MichaelRyans compiled a list of mistakes that turned out to be successful products. We wonder: Were these "accidents" fated to be? After all, a world without cheese would be a very boring place.... More  →

Facebook: The Movie?

By Katie_RolnickJuly 6, 2009
There are plenty of awesome movies based on true stories: the classics "Rudy" and "Into the Wild" come readily to mind, and there are many, many more. But even in the money machine creative paradise known as Hollywood, not every... More  →

The...This Is So Awkward...Um...Friday Awards

By Emily WinterJuly 3, 2009
Happy Friday, Sparklers! Or...maybe not, because the theme of the week is awkward. Feeling awkward about acknowledging your awkwardness? That's OK, I'll go first: Me: I think we should do a joke about Sparklers and the 4th of July. Editor: Huh? Me: Because, you know, "sparklers"?!?! play with sparklers?... More  →

Cell Phones in the Movie Theater, Grrrr!

By Katie_RolnickJuly 3, 2009
You've just settled in and the lights have dimmed. You've got your Sour Patch Kids, a giant soda—and an empty wallet. But that's okay, cause going to the movies is an experience, and you can't put a price on that. But then, just as... More  →