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Attack of the Killer Finals

By ContributorMay 21, 2009
Super Sparkler cleptonun submitted the following guide to dealing with finals. Turns out cleptonun is also quite the crayon art-eest, and whipped up the lovely drawing for us! Enjoy!  —SparkNotes Editors Finals are upon us, so while some are still ignoring school just as much as... More  →

Music That Will Still Scare Old People

By Matt_HunzikerMay 21, 2009

Being rebellious used to be easier. For a short time in the 1950s, listening to Elvis made you look like a criminal and rock & roll was synonymous with witchcraft.

Shocking people is a lot harder now. Even if your parents are over 50... More  →

Chris Listens: Your Questions, My Answers

By Chris_DikenMay 20, 2009
Hello and welcome to my new column, Chris Listens. The witty title combines my extremely common given name with the fact that I will be using this space to listen to your questions (or read them, I suppose, but “Chris Reads” doesn’t rhyme),... More  →

Bad haircuts: How to deal

By Katie_RolnickMay 20, 2009
Everybody's had one--a horrible, tangled, too-short or too-long version of what you thought you asked for when going to get your haircut.  After a relaxing shampoo the scissors start snipping away and before you know it, instead of a sleek, trendy new 'do... More  →

Your Butt Looks LUMPY (and Other Fab Posts from the Sparkives)

By Emily WinterMay 20, 2009
I was looking into my sparkly crystal ball this morning reading some comments this morning and saw the following Sparkler note: i check sparknotes like i check my friggen email and i feel a burning desire for more articles. there i said it. Holy guacasalsa,... More  →

What Kind of Road Tripper are You?

By ContributorMay 20, 2009
Here at SparkNotes, we've been seeking out some hardy harr harrs from our very own super Sparklers. This post is by the hilarious Swish2Nickels, a girl who knows that the best accessory for a toilet plunger is a kitten, of course. (You'll see what we... More  →

Senior Class Cougars, Episode 2

By Emily WinterMay 20, 2009
What's it like going to a high school where your mascot doubles as a term for lusty, middle-aged women? And how is it humanly possibly for Ed's crush to look JUST LIKE Winnie Cooper of The Wonder Years?! HOW?! These questions, and the... More  →

Ten MORE Books That Drive Students Nuts

By Chris_DikenMay 19, 2009
A few weeks back, we talked smack about ten works of literature that inflict varying degrees of brain pain on unsuspecting students. Based on the hundreds of Sparkler comments we received, it seems we struck a nerve, as many of you were also... More  →

The Best Summer Jobs Ever!

By Katie_RolnickMay 19, 2009
If your summer jobs are like the ones we had in high school, you'll wear a lame uniform and a plastic name tag and spend each hour staring at the clock, counting down until your next 15-minute break.  That is, unless... More  →

Going to Prom: And Other Stupid Ways to Get Suspended

By Jeff_AlexanderMay 19, 2009
Last week, an Ohio high school student was suspended for--wait for it--going to prom. Now, that principal sounds like the ultimate killjoy to us. But perhaps we're just not giving him enough credit. When you really think about it, there are plenty of actions... More  →