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Chris Listens: Life, Love, Bathtubs, and Sandwiches

By Chris_DikenMay 27, 2009
Welcome back to Chris Listens. It’s been a week since this column debuted, and the response has been overwhelming. (Who knew that you can put a question mark at the end of almost any sentence?) Your excellent inquiries ran the gamut from superficially insightful to... More  →

Senior Class Fight Club?

By Emily WinterMay 27, 2009
A giant, secret crush? Check. AC/DC? Check. Fight scene? Check. This episode of Senior Class Cougars might be my favorite so far... But I do have one question: Where is Quasi's fictional date from? I cannot understand that word to save my life. Will someone watch this episode and... More  →

Tiffany Totally Watches Classic Movies

By kat_rosenfieldMay 27, 2009
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Huh? Hiiiiiiiiiiiii! It’s me, y’all! Tiffany Thongbiscuit in the HIZZ-OUSE! Ok, so, like OHMAHGAWD. Do you know what season it is? PROM SEASON! Oh my gaaaaahhhhd! I thought it would NEVER GET HERE, and now that it’s here, I am SO! Flippin! Excited! I had to... More  →

Blogging Twilight: Part 7

By Dan_BergsteinMay 27, 2009
SparkLife contributor Dan Bergstein is reading Twilight and blogging about it. Catch up on the first installments: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. A few thoughts before we begin: A couple hundred pages... More  →
Blogging Twilight: Part 7

Drive Everyone Completely Insane Mix

By Matt_HunzikerMay 27, 2009

In the past, we at Sparklife’s Tactical Music Division have explained how to enhance your study experience using music to help you stay on track or even to feed you the answers. Today we build on that knowledge by asking

... More  →

SparkLife Summer Preview

By Dan_BergsteinMay 26, 2009
Some assume our commitment to helping students ends with the school year. But those people are wrong…and probably liars. Throughout vacation season, we will continue to inform and entertain, but our focus will veer towards summer instead of school. In fact, we've already created... More  →

Crickets in the Caf, Sporks on the Quad, and Other Amusing Senior Pranks

By kat_rosenfieldMay 26, 2009
In my senior year of high school, as we rounded the corner on June and entered the home stretch to graduation, the hallways were suddenly filled with whispers and giggling. Students assembled in furtive groups by the lockers, under the stairwells, or in the corners... More  →

The Name Game: Part Deux

By Katie_RolnickMay 26, 2009
A couple weeks ago, we gave you some tried-and-true methods for finding a new name.  And while some of you were ready to let google choose your new alias, not everyone wanted a complete identity overhaul.  Some of you feel connected to the... More  →

Last Minute Topics for Term Paper Procrastinators

By Chris_DikenMay 26, 2009
Your laptop is fired up, you’ve got a sleeve of Fig Newtons for emergency brain fuel, and your cell ringtone is set to a jaunty new tune called “Deafening Silence.” You are totally prepared to compose the living daylights out of your big... More  →

Un-geek the geek?

By Katie_RolnickMay 26, 2009
The students at Neumont University, a small, computer-science only school in Utah, are geeks.  Yeah, we said it...but so do they.  Graduates of Neumont have no problem scoring sweet jobs at tech-y places like eBay and Microsoft, but they do have a hard... More  →