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A Tale of Two Proud and Prejudiced Artists as a Moby Franken-Dick

By kat_rosenfieldApril 30, 2009
If you’ve ever looked over your English class's Required Reading list and thought to yourself, WTF?! There’s no way I’ll ever be able to read all these books!, your SparkNotes editors have some important news for you: You’re right. Yep, you are totally effed. Because not only... More  →

An Obituary for (Spoiler Warning)

By Dan_BergsteinApril 30, 2009
It's been a while since a major cast member died on LOST, but this week's episode saw the demise of one the most unique and nutty castaways. Since the Island doesn't have a newspaper, we took it upon ourselves to give this character the proper... More  →

Save Ferris! How to Play Sick

By Kathryn_WilliamsApril 30, 2009
Everyone needs a day off. Grownups get so-called "personal days" at work. Why don't you get them at school? Instead, you have to go through the whole rigmarole of convincing your parents that, should you get on that school bus, you would be... More  →

Ten Ways to Spoil a First Date

By ContributorApril 30, 2009
Here at SparkNotes, we've been mining for Rockstar Sparklers - real readers with so much wit and wisdom that they deserve your attention (and an A in English, got that Mrs. Johnson?). We love this post that came from Sparkler AllisonJY. Enjoy!  -SparkNotes Editors I am,... More  →

How to Write a Killer Term Paper

By Chris_DikenApril 30, 2009
You’ve been dreading it all year: No, not your hair, Ras Trent—we’re talking about your history teacher’s infamous research paper, which she assigns while playing Darth Vader’s theme song on the class boombox. It’s bad enough that she wants you to... More  →

Friends, Relatives, and Friending Relatives

By Jeff_AlexanderApril 30, 2009
Let us paint you a little scenario. You get a friend request from someone on Facebook. Her name sounds familiar, but at first you can't place it. Is it the quiet but cute girl in the back of your English class? The overeager clerk at... More  →

Prom for Pennies

By Kathryn_WilliamsApril 29, 2009
When Wall Street spontaneously imploded like our father's head when we told him you could barely see the dent on his car, we knew we were in trouble. When President Obama decided to spend five hundred kajillion dollars on an economic bailout, things looked grim.... More  →

The Birthday Party Do NOT Invite List

By Emily WinterApril 29, 2009
What would you like for your birthday, Sparklers? Perhaps, one amazing birthday party...WITH A SIDE OF MISERY?!? Ehem. Avoiding horrible birthday parties (because NONE of us at SparkNotes spent the majority of our 14th locked in a dog cage in the storage room of a sheet... More  →

There’s Not an App for That—Yet

By Chris_DikenApril 29, 2009
You’ve seen the cute iPhone commercial: If you want to check how many calories are in your lunch, there’s an app for that. Need to remember where you parked the car? There’s an app for that, too. Thanks, Apple! But what if you’re... More  →

Extra Credit: The Unconventional Approach

By Katie_RolnickApril 29, 2009
OK, so it's crunch time.  You're nearing the end of the semester and some quick mental math (or your teacher's handy-dandy grading chart) shows that you're just a few points shy of an A or a B (or a C, or whatever).  All... More  →