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D'oh! Sucker Scams and Other Embarrassing Moments

By Katie_RolnickMarch 10, 2009
Here at SparkNotes, we pride ourselves on our youthful technological savvy. But there are times when we're rudely reminded that no one is immune to web crimes. Just a few weeks ago, I fell prey to a g-chat phishing scam. A chat popped up that said, "lol check out... More  →

Rihanna: Please Don't Take Back Chris Brown

By Chris_DikenMarch 10, 2009
Dear Rihanna, Please excuse this unsolicited correspondence. We have never formally met, but one time we saw you get out of an SUV in New York City near where we used to work. You were smiling and seemed nice. Until Thursday, we had no real details regarding what went... More  →

Homework for Sale (Restrictions Apply)

By Dan_BergsteinMarch 9, 2009
How much is your free time worth? That's the question students in France are asking themselves after the launch of a new website that offers to do your homework for a reasonable fee. According to ABC News, charges between $1.25... More  →

Are the Hudge and the 'Fron Planning a Disney Dream Wedding?

By kat_rosenfieldMarch 9, 2009
Internet gossip-mongers are reporting that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, the stars of High School Musical, are planning a wedding for this September. (That sound you hear is every tween girl in the United States screaming at once.) This could just be a rumor,... More  →

What’s the Difference Between a Nerd, a Geek, and a Dork?

By Emily WinterMarch 9, 2009
Darwin was a genius, but unaccountably, he failed to weigh in on the nerd vs. geek vs. dork debate. Luckily, we at SparkNotes have consulted modern-day scientists who've helped us characterize and classify these three seemingly similar species. We now present our definitive results. The Species: Nerdites... More  →

Wee Fit

By Jeff_AlexanderMarch 9, 2009
Not long ago, the only way hardcore gamers could get their heart rate up to anywhere near target-level was with a particularly demanding boss battle. Of course, the Wii has been getting players up on the couch for a while now, but not everyone can... More  →

A SparkGirl in Paris

By guestMarch 9, 2009
Paris: a city of love, lights, and serious language snafus if you’re not careful! What happens when a simple hello gets awkwardly steamy? Or when you burst out laughing at a sign that, to your local buddies, means nothing at all (you silly, crazy... More  →

How to Ask for an Extension Without Looking Like a Tool

By kat_rosenfieldMarch 6, 2009
Here at SparkNotes, we know how easy it is to get overwhelmed by work. One second, you're the proud overachiever, getting effortless straight As while simultaneously captaining the swim team, volunteering at the local hospital, and writing a lengthy dissertation on Cheeses of the World—only... More  →

The Devil Runs in Prada Heels: Part Two

By Kathryn_WilliamsMarch 6, 2009
If you read part one of this post, you know we heart Style’s new reality show, “Running in Heels.” And we don’t heart one of the show’s interns, Ashley. The reason: We totally know this girl (metaphorically speaking, of course). She was the... More  →

Rap Makes You Slutty. It's SCIENCE!

By kat_rosenfieldMarch 6, 2009
If you listen to rap, chances are you're also a big ol' perv...well, at least that's what researchers at Pittsburgh University say. In the latest news from the front lines of Science, a study based on a survey of more than 700 high school... More  →