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Sunday, Bloody Sunday

By Dan_BergsteinMarch 23, 2009
Sunday is horrible. It starts out as a day filled with potential and hope. You think, in 24 delightful hours, surely I have time to text, go for a run, hang out with Todd, and complete any assignment. But Sunday quickly turns sour, thanks in... More  →

Duff: Secret Hooker or Clueless Girlfriend?

By kat_rosenfieldMarch 23, 2009
If you’ve been silently weeping into your tea ever since the Disney Channel stopped airing “Lizzie McGuire,” this one’s for you: Hilary Duff has a pair of primetime TV appearances booked for April. Duff will be making her first cameo on "The Ghost Whisperer,"... More  →

Field Guide to Varsity Types: The Scholar Athlete vs. The Dumb Jock

By kat_rosenfieldMarch 20, 2009
In the complex social strata of high school, one species tops the food chain: The Varsity Player. He is the king of the jungle, the cock of the walk, the cream of the crop. Untouchable, he carves a godlike path through the halls while World... More  →

The F**kit List

By Katie_RolnickMarch 20, 2009
Unless you happened to be trapped on a long airplane flight with nothing to read, we're guessing you missed the Jack Nicholson/Morgan Freeman buddy movie "The Bucket List." This fine film follows two elderly chums (both of whom are terminally ill) as they check off their... More  →

Your Parents vs. Your Music

By Chris_DikenMarch 20, 2009
Music has been a divisive wedge between old and young for generations. Many parents today are deeply concerned that, without their guidance and excellent taste in morally sound stalwarts like Hall & Oates, their kids may be accidentally influenced by hip-hop’s glorification of Louis Vuitton, the sweaty dance-floor encounters of R&B, and... More  →

Is That a Zit...or a Wrinkle???

By Emily WinterMarch 20, 2009
If watching the buff "high school" jocks of Friday Night Lights has ever made you feel, well, pathetic about your mushy muscles and non-existent growth spurt, or if you've ever wondered why even the nerdiest girl in American Pie looked so annoyingly together, you are... More  →

Tips on Locking Lips (Co-Kisser Not Included)

By kat_rosenfieldMarch 20, 2009
Confession: During my freshman year, I accidentally caused a school-wide scandal by dating two brothers—one right after the other. (It doesn’t just happen in the movies, folks!) The first affair, with the younger bro, was short-lived; though he was cute and affectionate, I... More  →

An Open Letter to the Producers of LOST

By Dan_BergsteinMarch 19, 2009
Dear Producers and Writers of LOST: Hey, what's up? We here at SparkNotes watch LOST all the time. We love it! Yes, it's true that during Season Three we did tell all of our friends that the show sucked. But can you honestly blame us? I... More  →

AIG: Arrogant, Irrational, Greedy?

By kat_rosenfieldMarch 19, 2009
The country is in uproar this week after news surfaced that AIG—also known as That Insurance Company We Bailed Out With Taxpayer Money—used the federal bailout to award its ne’er-do-well executives a whopping $165 MILLION in bonuses. My, gentlemen! That’s rather a lot of cash,... More  →