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The Rise of the Failure Video

By Chris_DikenMay 14, 2009
Dude you gotta check out this insane video cuz it's totally insane! We've all received emails and IMs with some variation of the above sentiment, always paired with a link that we're not sure we should click lest a parent come into the room at the... More  →

Hey, Jealousy

By Laura_WassonMay 14, 2009
Full disclosure: I'm a jealous person. I don't know why. It was never something that came up until I had my first boyfriend senior year. I'd never really been jealous of my friends—ok, maybe a little when one of them got the part in the... More  →

Everything You Need to Know Mix

By Matt_HunzikerMay 14, 2009

It’s not hard to make a study mix—just figure out what kind of music you find calming, whether that’s Enya or Slayer (the best mix would probably have both), and then pack enough of those songs onto a CD or MP3 player to get

... More  →

Can We Get an Upgrade?

By kat_rosenfieldMay 13, 2009
Ah, technology. You have given us so much. Without the advancements you've provided, the world would be a cold, inhospitable place—a place in which people are required to speak to each other face-to-face, ride horses to school, and, worst of all, flush their toilets by... More  →

First Comment!!!!! And Other Cool Firsts

By Kathryn_WilliamsMay 13, 2009
So we've noticed some people reeeeeeally, reeeeeeally like to be the first to comment on a blog post. We know where they're coming from. There's just something about being the first to make your mark that reminds us of the rush we got when we... More  →

Blogging Twilight: Part 2

By Dan_BergsteinMay 13, 2009
Each week, SparkNotes contributor Dan Bergstein will blog about his experience reading Twilight. Did you miss his first post? Catch up here. A few thoughts before we begin: It's too early to tell if I actually enjoy the story, but I don't dread picking... More  →
Blogging Twilight: Part 2

Awkward Moment? Keyboard Cat to the Rescue!

By Joe_LynchMay 13, 2009
Recently the Interweb solved one of humanity’s oldest problems: How do you recover after saying or doing something stupid? For centuries, people have struggled with this—do you laugh it off? Do you blush and run away? Do you shrug it off like a cool mamajama... More  →

But mommmm!: Getting your parents to let you grow up

By Katie_RolnickMay 13, 2009
You know those "disagreements" (aka, all-out screaming matches) you have with your parents? The ones where you feel like they're treating you like a child when all you're trying to say is that you're capable of taking responsibility for yourself?  You argue that going on a... More  →

How Superficial Can You Be?!?

By Emily WinterMay 13, 2009
The game can't be liquid eyeliner hasn't da-rieddddd yet! I mean, whoops, it's all about the sport. Yep. I'm an animal out on that court. An ANIMAL, I tell yah! I'd just...rather be a koala than a grizzly bear. Is it so bad to wanna... More  →

How to Pass the Last Days of High School

By ContributorMay 13, 2009
Here at SparkNotes, we’ve been mining for rockstar Sparklers, real readers with enough imagination to save you from dying of boredom. The following submission is from Sparkler Anna Brod. Enjoy!  -SparkNotes Editors If you're a senior and still in school, chances are you're not sure why.... More  →