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Summer Reading: Not All That Lame

By Laura_WassonJune 1, 2009
Assigned summer reading is easily one of the most dreaded aspects of summer for students the world over. Sure, you have all that time off—time to sleep in, mucho time for friends and fun, and you might even have a vacation on the agenda. But... More  →

Too Old To Be Hot?

By Joe_LynchJune 1, 2009
It’s one thing to have a poster of the soon-to-be 46 Johnny Depp on your wall. When you brought it home your mom probably swooned over it as much as you. But if you brought home a 46-year-old man and said, “Hey, we’re going to... More  →

Senior Class Cougars Gets All Gossip Girl-y

By Emily WinterMay 29, 2009
...In a good way. Love is in the air. Or in the asbestos paint. In either case, this episode of SCC is DA-RAMA! After you watch, read the jump! (Or catch up, with episodes 1, 2 and 3!) Yes, that episode was... More  →

Blogging Twilight: Part 9

By Dan_BergsteinMay 29, 2009
SparkLife contributor Dan Bergstein is reading Twilight and blogging about it. Catch up on the first installments: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Chapter Eleven Bella and Edward... More  →
Blogging Twilight: Part 9

The Fried Egg Awards

By Emily WinterMay 29, 2009
Ehem. I mean THE FRIDAY AWARDS. This is why you should not write blog posts when you're hungry. It's very dangerous. Sunny Side Up Points To Steffy_Girl: I love you Sparknotes!!! Help with school… life… AND summer… what would I ever do without you :) To piedragon for his comment on... More  →

Answer This! Questions to Stump Text Message Services

By Katie_RolnickMay 29, 2009
Sometimes, you just can't get to to a computer —we know, it's rare.  But if you don't have a super-spiffy cell phone with internet access and can't get to Wikipedia or Google, who can answer your burning questions? Well, there are a slew... More  →

The Stuff You Really, Really Want

By Chris_DikenMay 29, 2009
We all want stuff. Shiny stuff, stuff that lights up, stuff that makes noise, and stuff that, regardless of what it does, makes us look cool. While the very subtle tactics of the advertising industry stoke these desires, our fiercest cravings occur when... More  →

Summer Love: Your Complete Guide

By Katie_RolnickMay 29, 2009
Ahhh, the summer crush. Everyone's had one—a guy or girl you only get to see for 3 months a year when you meet up at camp or when he or she comes into town to stay with their grandparents for the summer. You flirt and... More  →

Auntie SparkNotes Will Not Tolerate Fathead Fungusface

By kat_rosenfieldMay 29, 2009
This week brought us a comment from a young lady with exceptionally fabulous taste in advice columnists.

Hey Auntie Sparknotes, Another great, funny answer for us! I hope you may have one for my own question: I go to school online, therefore, I spend most

... More  →

Dropping the L Bomb

By Laura_WassonMay 29, 2009
The word love seems easy enough to say. It's a word after all, nothing scary. You probably say it to your friends and family on a regular basis, but nothing compares to the first time you say it to a boyfriend or girlfriend. It is... More  →