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Bad Ideas at the Beach

By Kathryn_WilliamsJune 16, 2009
Who doesn't love the beach in the summer? (OK, maybe this guy. Or this guy.) But really. Sun, sea, sand—what could be wrong about that? Well, plenty, actually. Maybe it's the headiness of the salt air, or the wild abandon that... More  →

What Did You Learn This Year?

By Chris_DikenJune 16, 2009
Hey, did you know that Napoleon had hemorrhoids? Neither did we, until three days ago. A friend passed on this rich bit of trivia, saying it was one of the only things she remembered from four years of high school history classes. When it comes to... More  →

Awesome Thing of the Week

By Emily WinterJune 16, 2009
This robot is real, it's 59 feet tall, and it was just completed in Tokyo last week. Apparently, his name is Gundam, and he's the star of movies, comic books, and his own TV show in Japan. I don't think the robo-dude can walk, but... More  →

Brit Speak vs. Americanisms

By ContributorJune 16, 2009
One very witty British Sparkler has to get something off her chest. And no, it's not a tunic. bellacally writes about the differences between being a teen in the US and the UK, and some oh-so-annoying habits us Americans never knew we had!  —SparkNotes Editors... More  →

I See London, I See France...

By Laura_WassonJune 16, 2009
Fashion trends are often weird. I mean, hello, Crocs, not to mention liquid leggings, the proliferation of positively Roman-esque sandals, and mumu-like maxi dresses. Generally speaking, the trends only look bad in hindsight—like that one time I glued a be-feathered butterfly to a cowboy hat... More  →

Air Conditioned Hideouts

By Joe_LynchJune 16, 2009
As life-affirming as summer vacation is, some days the heat slams into your chest and all you can do is repeat the words “so hot” while fantasizing about diving headfirst into a snowcone. Even those lucky people with air conditioned houses are in a pickle;... More  →

Summer Break...Canceled?!?

By Matt_HunzikerJune 16, 2009

Here at Sparklife we don’t often twist your arm about following politics (especially during summer break), but when those politics involve the continued existence of summer vacation itself we suggest that it’s worth a look.

Recently, politicians from President Barack Obama to

... More  →

Tips On Ditching Your Younger Sibling

By Jeff_AlexanderJune 16, 2009
Well, it's finally summertime: Most of you are out of school and free to do whatever you want. The downside is, so is your younger sibling (or siblings), and all they want to do for the next two and a half to three months is hang out... More  →

Why Is That Guy Driving Without A Shirt?

By Dan_BergsteinJune 15, 2009
The warm months bring out many bizarre behaviors. Among the weirdest? Shirtless drivers. On any given day during the summer, you can spot at least one guy behind the wheel of his car sans shirt. We here at SparkNotes are not prudes offended by the... More  →

Assassinations, Invasions, Beheadings, and Other Text-Worthy Moments in History

By kat_rosenfieldJune 15, 2009
If you’ve ever watched an episode of the original Saved by the Bell, you know that cell phone technology was, er, a bit different back in the mid-1990s. Whereas today’s phones let you do everything from texting to gaming to taking ill-advised digital photographs of... More  →