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Chris Listens: Mega-session Part II

By Chris_DikenJune 13, 2009
Editor's Note: Here's Part II of this week's Chris Listens. If you haven't already, read Part I. I really want to learn how to dance, but I have two left feet. It's really frustrating because practically everyone in my grade can dance like an extra... More  →

Chris Listens: Psycho Exes, BFFs in Sweden, and a Mini-Novel That Everyone Should Read

By Chris_DikenJune 12, 2009
Welcome to another installment of Chris Listens. The questions have been pouring in from all quarters of the Interwebz, and I’ve got my special listening devices cranked up to Super-Ultra-Mega Sensitive. I would typically write some jokes here, but I have a feeling... More  →

Blogging Twilight: Part 14

By Dan_BergsteinJune 12, 2009
Dan Bergstein is reading Twilight and blogging about it. Need to catch up? Check out parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, ... More  →
Blogging Twilight: Part 14

Auntie SparkNotes Tackles Your Prickly Pickles

By kat_rosenfieldJune 12, 2009
Before we begin, Auntie SparkNotes would like to apologize to all you Scottish grammar sticklers for the previous post’s egregious combining of “Loch Ness” into (gasp!) one word. (Good heavens! The HORROR you must have felt!) Well, let me assure you, Sparklers, that it will... More  →

How Cute Can You Be?

By Emily WinterJune 12, 2009
This pup is cute. Real cute. So cute, it/he/she(?) deserves a caption. And you know what, you Sparklers make us editors LOL so hard the building sometimes shakes a little. So here’s what I propose: let’s have a Sparkler Caption Explosion! That’s right, you come... More  →

Shhh! The Secret Relationship

By Laura_WassonJune 12, 2009
Relationships are usually given a lot of fanfare in high school. It's the beginning of the great dating saga of many people's lives, and, true to form, teens far and wide want to sing it from the rooftops: “I'm dating So-and-So! Isn't it wonderful?!?!” But... More  →

Advice to Dudes

By ContributorJune 12, 2009
vaulter_13 is a Sparkler who has a few pointers for dudes embarking on a *gasp* actual relationship with an actual female. Hope you like it!  —SparkNotes Editors Among getting sick on your first date, being pantsed, and the oh-so-famous denial of a kiss, there are a... More  →

Blister in the Sun

By Matt_HunzikerJune 12, 2009
Tanning is, for many people, the primary objective of summer. Most people think they look better with a bit of sun (some people think they look better with a lot of sun), and when everybody returns to school in September a deep tan serves as... More  →

The Friday Awards (are Back!)

By Emily WinterJune 12, 2009
Oh my goodness, Sparklers, I nearly started giving out ribbons to randoms on the New York City subway system last Friday because I was so distraught over my inability to post Friday Awards! But then I remembered, that's how scripts for Made for TV Movies are... More  →

Surviving Driver's Ed

By Katie_RolnickJune 12, 2009
We know you've been practicing in the mirrordon't even try to deny it. You're trying to get that perfect blend of "Ohmygod I just got my driver's license" More  →