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I Was Kidnapped By Clowns! (and Other Good Reasons for Your Unauthorized Absences)

By kat_rosenfieldJune 25, 2009
The media has been all abuzz over the mysterious disappearance of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, who vanished into the ether for a full week without telling anyone where he was going. (Er, Governor? Not that we’re experts or anything, but we’re pretty... More  →

When Do You Wake Up During Summer Vacation?

By Dan_BergsteinJune 25, 2009
Most of you are already enjoying summer vacation, which means, above all else, you're enjoying more sleep. And no wonder! For ten months a year you must wake up at the crack of dawn and drag yourself to school; you deserve to sleep late during... More  →

Tips On Ditching Your Older Sibling

By Jeff_AlexanderJune 25, 2009
Recently, your friends here at SparkNotes shared a few tips with you about how to get rid of a younger sibling. But some of you asked about getting rid of a more challenging, even wilier pest: the older sibling, home from college. It's bad enough that... More  →

Should You Nix the LOL?

By Rupinder_GillJune 25, 2009
Everything needs a makeover at some point, from Susan Boyle’s eyebrows to internet shorthand. Friendster bows to Facebook. Twitter is hot, then not, then hot, then not. Even chatting and texting could use a refresh. LOL! BRB! We know abbreviations are meant to save time,... More  →

MySpace Wants a Motorcycle and Some Sweet, Sweet Tats

By ContributorJune 24, 2009
It's never easy telling someone he/she has hit a mid-life crisis. Lucky for us, Sparkler hgjt55 is armed with plenty of evidence and a great sense of humor. Enjoy! —SparkNotes Editors You're sitting at your computer scrolling contentedly through the daily feed on Facebook. After spending... More  →

Awesome Thing of the Week

By Emily WinterJune 24, 2009
Hi Sparklers! Welcome back to Awesome Thing of the Week. Last week, you gave Gundam, the 59-foot robot, a 4.67 on a scale of -10 to 10. Now, you might think 4.67 isn't very impressive. But remember, on a -10 to 10 scale, everything's... More  →

Break a World Record

By Katie_RolnickJune 24, 2009
Have you ever wondered if there's a record for World's Longest Transcontinental Journey In a Limousine? Yeah, we hadn't really thought about it either, until we stumbled upon the world's-greatest-world-records-website, called The Universal Record Database. From the totally gross ("Largest nose hair... More  →

Get Over That Guy!

By ContributorJune 24, 2009
Summer is no time to wallow, and Sparkler ArtsyPants05 has offered us some great tips for coping with horrible breakups. Enjoy! —SparkNotes Editors We all know that relationships are hard, and breakups are even harder. “But I LOVED him! He LOVED me!” you cry. And then you... More  →

Surviving Summer Employment

By Jeff_AlexanderJune 24, 2009
Summer jobs are great. You get out of the house, you see lots of people, you make money. If only they weren't so much—what's the word?—work. In those long-gone days of your youth, summers were spent spent running around the neighborhood in a carefree sugar trance. Now you're spending... More  →

Bad Songs That Will Never Go Away

By Matt_HunzikerJune 24, 2009

It’s not fair that some songs can be both awful and catchy at the same time, especially because unlike books, movies, or people, you can’t simply avoid these paradoxical tunes. Maybe you just happened to pass by the TV while Landon Pigg

... More  →