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Places I'd Rather Be

By ContributorJune 30, 2009
Sure, summer might be dull, but there's a million places Sparkler Layysz would rather be than back at school. Enjoy! —SparkNotes Editors Now that school's finally out, there's a new problem: boredom. It seems almost impossible to remember how much we hated school, and how much... More  →

Blogging Wuthering Heights Index Page

By Emily WinterJune 30, 2009
Coffinmaker is a teen comedy genius. Read his Wuthering Heights blogs here! Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven... More  →

Lies Parents Can See Through

By Rupinder_GillJune 30, 2009
Last month, a Belgian teenager claimed she'd gone to a tattoo parlor to get three stars tattooed on her face, fallen asleep during the procedure, and awoken to discover this result instead. Drifting off while needles are plunged into your cheeks? Uhhhh, yeah. Obviously,... More  →

Awful Songs That Are Actually Terrific

By Matt_HunzikerJune 30, 2009

Although it remains a contentious issue, you would think identifying bad songs would be simple. You just look for a tasteless music video, incessant repetition of annoying or meaningless phrases, and lyrics that are, at least on the surface, really, really stupid.

More  →

When Do You Go To Bed?

By Dan_BergsteinJune 29, 2009
Last week, we examined how the time you wake up can define your personality. A few readers suggested we do the opposite, and find out how a person's bedtime relates to her personality. Because we can never say no to peer pressure (it's... More  →

Don't Eat the Cowflop-Covered Banana: Sage Advice from Auntie SparkNotes

By kat_rosenfieldJune 29, 2009
This week's problem: Creeeeeeepy! Well, I have a stalker problem. One day I was on my IM account, and talking back and forth to one of my close online friends. I know she's who she says she is because I've talked to her over an Internet phone... More  →

Summer Activity Series: Daisy Chain of Love

By Kathryn_WilliamsJune 29, 2009
In our first installment of SAS (that's Summer Activity Series, not Side-Angle-Side, although your geometry teacher likes where your head's at, Sparkler fabalafae), we asked for ideas for projects to keep your summer from becoming a long, air-conditioned haze punctuated only... More  →

Sea Urchins, Romance, and You

By Matt_HunzikerJune 29, 2009

For some reason, weird hypothetical questions tend to crop up when you're in a relationship. Couples always ask each other things like, “Would you still love me if I had a mustache?” or “Would you save my life if it meant you had to

... More  →

The Waiting Game (Giant Sunglasses Not Included)

By ContributorJune 29, 2009
Sparkler thelionking has some creative ideas about how to pass time while you're waiting for your life to start (aka when you finally get your license.) Enjoy! —SparkNotes Editors Ah, summer.  That wondrous time of year when the birds are singing, school is out, and everybody... More  →

Lessons from a Dead Cat

By Joe_LynchJune 29, 2009
Last week my mom called me and started talking in that dreaded voice. It was uncomfortable, halting, distracted...the “someone just passed away” voice. That someone was the family cat, Chester. I'd known Chester since he was a fluffy, fits-in-the-palm-of-your-hand kitty. So to hear he was dead... More  →