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Back to School Trend Report

Back to School Trend Report

School is lurking around the corner. Which 1) sucks because it means an end to farting around, but also 2) rocks, because the back to school season brings a tidal wave of ultra cute and new fall fashion. I’ve scoured everything from style blogs and magazines to freshly minted mall racks to find out what exactly is in for fall. Some trends are older and have been updated for cooler weather, but most are brand spanking new. Whatever your style, there’s something on this list that will help you strut down your hallway Tyra Banks style.

90’s Grunge
Combat boots, oversized tops, and more flannel than you probably know what to do with: the 90s are seeing a major revival this season. The attitude and comfort of this fall’s grunge clothing is tempered with streamlined silhouettes for a modern feel.

This season, it’s about all that glitters. Wardrobe staples from white tees to little black dresses are getting more punch with bejeweled accents, shiny brocades and baroque embroidery.

The cycle of fashion has thrown ultra high stilettos out of the spotlight and replaced them with sneakers. Athletic shoes can be paired with everything from casual jeans and a t-shirt to homecoming dresses. They lend a sporty, fun vibe that makes for a particularly nice contrast to girlier or more overtly sexy outfits.

Girly Menswear
Menswear shapes have been tailored down to better fit a lady’s body and given a dose of pretty with candy colors and delicate fabrics like lave. Even the most severe shapes are being lent softness from fabrics like velvet and satin.

Print Overload
After the bright solids of summer, refresh your wardrobe with a few printed pieces. Designers have been mixing different sized prints in coordinating and contrasting colors for a really bold look. If you want to play around with different patterns, consider sticking to one color palette and mixing the sizes and shapes to your heart’s content. Toss in an intense solid to anchor your look.

Studded Men’s Shoes
Loafers, oxfords, creepers and skimmers are being revived with lots of punky hardware and a number of dye jobs. Everything from studs to grommets is gracing typically stuffy shoe style and making it way more fun to wear.

Structured Bags
Instead of lugging your books around in a schlubby hobo, grab a shapely and defined tote bag or satchel. It’ll look way more academic, put-together, and scholarly, and will still hold all your things. They come in all sorts of colors, patterns, shapes and sizes. For some personal flavor, tie a scarf around the handle.

Big Fat Knitwear
With gloriously cooler weather come gloriously cozy sweaters. This fall, knitted things are extra fluffy. They’re lovely, warm, and basically like a security blanket you can wear.

Peplums are gracing skirts, dresses, and tops in a big way. They’re flirty and feminine while also being simple and straightforward. Make a business or interview outfit a little more style friendly by working in a peplum.

Crop Tops
Instead of the loose, boxy tees of summer, fall crops are swingy with long sleeves. Layer them with scarves or over a highwaisted bottom for a more noteworthy outfit. I’m partial to topping off sundresses with a cropped sweatshirt to transition them into cooler weather.

Shimmery, transparent fabrics are still big for fall. Pair summer pastels with deeper fall colors such as burgundy and brown to work your summer clothes more.

Back Exposure
Instead of low-cut fronts that dominated the past years, 2012 saw a lot of bare backs. It’s not very school-friendly, but it’s an interesting trend for warm weekends.

Graphic Denim
Printed denim, whether the pattern be animal print, polka dotted, floral or otherwise is huge this fall. For maximum impact, try a bright red pair of skinny jeans with a large scale print for a look that’s less loud. Jeans that layer charcoal and black are a subtle way to play with some rock n’ roll flavor.

Whether slinky or sporty, this trend is all about showing off. Balance out the sheer sexiness of body conscious styles by adding breezy layers.

Freshen up your neon pieces by matching one bright piece with a monochrome neutral palette. It will look sophisticated and help prevent retinal searing.

Think tiny laser-cut shapes instead of great gaping holes for your cutouts. It adds very interesting texture and looks really cool.

Will you try any of these trends?

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