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The Stars of Pitch Perfect Share Their Nerdiest Habits + Exclusive Character Art!

The Stars of Pitch Perfect Share Their Nerdiest Habits + Exclusive Character Art!

While we were on set of the upcoming comedy Pitch Perfect, we asked the celebs about their geekiest habits. Here's what they owned up to...

Anna Kendrick: I organize my DVDs by genre instead of like alphabetizing them or anything, so I have like sections for like crime movies, but I can’t just transition from crime movies into gangster movies, there has to be like a buffer in between. There’s a system, at my house, and when people mess it up I get really upset because there’ll be like a romantic comedy next to a slasher movie and I’m not sure what to do about it. But I’m telling you, if you came to my house you would totally understand. There’s a method to the madness.

Brittany Snow: I know every word to Clueless. And Robin Hood: Men in Tights. And I’m also like really into glow-sticking. ... I started in the eighth grade and there was no raves involved, it was just something that I really thought was cool to do by myself.

Skylar Astin: When I watch TV, I always do this thing with my pillow where I like rub the corner of it. I’ve been doing it since I was like a baby, and whenever anyone cool sees me doing it—we all are staying in a hotel right now, and I remember Ben turned to me the other day when we were like watching Friends or something and was like, “What are you doing, like, over there?” and it’s this little thing that you would see like a two-year-old do, and me, being like kind of grown-up, like, doing that looks really, really nerdy.

Adam DeVine: I did drama and stuff. I did, like, plays. All my friends were like baseball and football players, so like for the freshman and sophomore years I was embarrassed that I was like going off to do drama stuff. I felt bad about it. By senior year I was like, “Yeah, I’m doing a play, get over it guys.” ... I was also like such a student council geek and was the MC at all the pep rallies. I would beg—I begged them—I was like, “I gotta speak at the pep rally!” and they were like, “Freshman don’t do that; you sit over there and we throw diapers at you as the seniors.” Luckily there was a cool senior and he was like, “You could say something bro,” and then it was just like me [yelling], “PATRIOTS HOW WE FEELING?!” and I’m like, “I’m doing this forever!”

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