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10 Things Not to Do When You're Supposed to Be Writing a Paper

10 Things Not to Do When You're Supposed to Be Writing a Paper

daisymay236 has some sensible "don'ts" for all you last-minute studiers out there. —Sparkitors

If you're trying to finish a paper, I hope you won't do any of these things—but seeing as you’re on SparkLife, you probably already have.

  1. Learn how to sing the alphabet backwards. Yes, being able to do this basically says, “Yeah, I’m awesomesauce,” but now isn’t the best time.
  2. Take a break. A break? Psh, rest is for the weak.
  3. Get on YouTube. One does not simply “get on” YouTube. One gets sucked into YouTube. It’s the internet’s black hole.
  4. Write posts for SparkLife. Hmm, ironic…
  5. Look at the left side of the page when you’re on SparkNotes. You don’t need to “Take a Study Break.” Remember? Rest is for the weak. Just put some duct tape over that side of the screen until you’re done with your work.
  6. Get on any social networking site. See # 3.
  7. Drink 7 cups of coffee. Chugging caffeine may sound like a great idea, but it should be a last resort. Does raging paranoia and having to pee every 5 minutes sound very efficient? (And am I alone on the raging paranoia thing?)
  8. Think about Ryan Gosling. He’s your mind’s black hole.
  9. Watch, read, or think about anything related to The Hunger Games trilogy. It's your mind’s black hole.
  10. One word: Uncyclopedia.

What do you do when you're supposed to be working?

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