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How to Give Your Bedroom a Makeover

How to Give Your Bedroom a Makeover

Your bedroom is your castle, your lair, your citadel, your city on a hill, your own personal interior decorating nightmare. Every teen struggles with the question, "How do I make my room the coolest expression of myself?" Is it by filling it with some Ikea creative director's idea of what "teen" means (stripes! skateboards! rugs in stupid shapes! Justin Beiber!)? No, it is by deciding what room would make you most comfortable and—let's be honest—more importantly, what image you want it to project, and going for it:

If you want your room to say, "I am an artiste"...

1. Paint a mural on one wall. Not a natural painter? Jackson Pollock it.

2. Devote another wall to displaying your art. Hang or don't hang. As an artist, you disdain convention.

3. Never make your bed.

If you want your room to say, "Come in and chill awhile"...

1. Replace all chairs with floor pillows.

2. Cover your bed in a triple-ply down comforter. Stack the top of the bed with four layers of pillows of varying sizes and squishiness.

3. Get a remote for your television and stereo.

4. Line a bookshelf with your favorite books and DVDs.

If you want your room to say, "This is a living shrine to my S.O."...

1. Use shadow boxes to display tokens from significant events you shared, for example, the gum wrapper from the first time he offered you a stick of gum.

2. Frame every picture ever taken of the two of you. Make sure to cluster the schmoopiest ones by your bed.

3. Always leave your window open, even in the dead of winter, for late-night visits, Dawson's Creek-style.

If you want your room to say, "I wish I were a child of the eighties"...

1. Replace all chairs with beanbag chairs.

2. Put this poster or this poster above your bed.

3. Sponge paint your walls with varying shades of pink and salmon and apply a wallpaper border at the top.

If you want your room to say, "I am a love machine"...

1. Drape a scarf over your lamps. Red silk is best, but any will do (careful: this is a great way to set your room on fire).

2. Beg your parents for a waterbed. When they (rightfully) refuse, replace your flannel sheets with silk ones.

3. Get velvet curtains.

4. Invest a small fortune in scented candles.

If you want your room to say, "I'll be going to Harvard next year"...

1. Paint your walls Harvard crimson, accenting with the University banner above your bed.

2. Clear a space on the wall for an empty frame awaiting your high school diploma.

3. Cover the floors with antique Oriental rugs.

4. Make one corner of the room your "reading corner," complete with overstuffed leather chair and bookcase of first-edition Dickens and Ovid in the original Latin.

What does your room look like? What do you wish it looked like?

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