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Blogging Twilight: Part 8

Blogging Twilight: Part 8

SparkLife contributor Dan Bergstein is reading Twilight and blogging about it.

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Chapter Ten

Bella wakes up and worries that her fabulous date was all a dream. But it wasn't. She collects her school stuff and heads out the door, only to find Edward waiting for her. He offers her a ride to school.

We know from the last chapter that Edward doesn't sleep. What does he do all night, if he's not out killing animals? If I were him, I'd host midnight garage sales. Not only would this eliminate competition from the typical early-morning garage sales, but the customers would be hip young people who wouldn't care that the Snoopy puzzle is missing eight pieces, instead of the usual old, loud-mouthed bargain hunters who try to talk you into knocking sixteen cents off the price of your old laundry basket.

Bella sniffs Edward's jacket again and says his smell is even better today. They arrive at school, where Edward reads Jessica's mind to learn what types of questions she's going to bombard Bella with later. Jessica wants to know if Edward and Bella are dating, and how Bella feels about Edward.

He lets Bella know about the forthcoming questions, and tells her that they should classify themselves as dating. Bella isn't sure how to answer Jessica's second questions, because Edward will no doubt be reading Jessica's mind when Bella spills her guts.

Mike doesn't ask Bella out.

When Bella gets to trig class, Jessica is there waiting for all the gossip. The two girls exchange information. Bella admits that she did not kiss Edward. After more girl talk, she gives in and admits that she likes Edward...a lot. She's worried that she likes him more than he likes her.

After class, Edward is waiting for Bella. The two go to lunch together. She asks him to eat pizza to see what happens when a vampire eats people food. He takes a bite and says it's like eating dirt; he can do it, but it's not fun.

He says he read Jessica's mind, and is bothered by the fact that Bella thinks she likes him more than he likes her. The two engage in a strange conversation about who loves who more. During the talk, she says, "Sometimes it seems like you're trying to say goodbye when you're saying something else." What the heck does this mean?

It only gets worse when he says, "If leaving is the right thing to do, then I'll hurt myself to keep from hurting you, to keep you safe." Again, I'm not sure what this means, and suspect it's just some random words lined up.

I think a more realistic conversation between two teens, even if one is a vampire, would go something like this:

BELLA: What's up?
EDWARD: I don't know.
BELLA: Yeah.
BELLA: Um...I like you more than you like me.
EDWARD: Shut up. That's stupid.
BELLA: No it's not. [Giggles]
EDWARD: I...uh...I...
BELLA: Yeah.
EDWARD: I like you more than you like me.
BELLA: For real?
EDWARD: Yep. [Looks at shoes]
BELLA: Cool. What's the deal with werewolves?
EDWARD: I don't know. They're so lame.
BELLA: Totes.
EDWARD: I know, right? I can read minds.
BELLA: Yeah, I know. You already told me that.
EDWARD: [Fiddles with shoe string] Wanna see how high I can jump, after school?
BELLA: Um...all right, I guess.

Their conversation goes back to the whole "It's dangerous for us to be together, but even more dangerous for us to be apart" thing. They then talk about the upcoming trip to Seattle, and Bella demands to do the driving.

She asks about hunting, and Edward says he and his brother like to hunt bears, but his favorite animals to hunt are mountain lions. The thoughtful guy quickly adds, "We have to be careful not to impact the environment with the injudicious hunting."

Bella asks if she could watch them hunt sometime, and he freaks out, saying absolutely not. I'm assuming this is because he hunts in the nude.

Predictions: Bella tells Edward, "When I look at your eyes, the soul I see reflects the goodbyes of tomorrow but longs for the hello of yesteryear." Edward replies, "Being with you is wrong, but if it's right to be with you, than I'd rather be not-right. Without the wrongness we can never hurt together with harm?"

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