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Blogging Twilight: Part 2

Blogging Twilight: Part 2

Each week, SparkNotes contributor Dan Bergstein will blog about his experience reading Twilight. Did you miss his first post? Catch up here.

A few thoughts before we begin:
It's too early to tell if I actually enjoy the story, but I don't dread picking up the book. That's a good thing.

Thanks to everyone who answered my vampire questions. If I get something wrong, which will happen, please feel free to correct me in the comments. That said, let's get on with the show.

Chapter Three

Bella can't stop thinking about Edward Cullen. On the drive to school, she isn't sure how to handle all the attention she's getting from boys like Eric (the nerd) and Mike (um…not sure what kind of student Mike is. Let's call him a spaz-dork-skater-surfer-dweeb). She even suggests that things might be easier if everyone ignored her. Unfortunately, I can't ignore her.

She arrives at school and notices her dad was kind enough to put chains on her truck tires to prevent her from slipping on the icy, snowy roads of dreary Forks, WA. While she's looking at the chains, something happens.

Maybe I'm a poor reader, but it was only after rereading the action scene that I managed to figure out what goes down: A van skids across the icy school parking lot towards Bella. She sees the van and sees Edward, who is far away. Before the van smashes into Bella, Edward miraculously saves her life, utilizing his vampire strength and speed.

Bella has no idea how Edward could have come to her aid so fast. But instead of being grateful, she rudely peppers her hero with questions such as, "How did you get here so fast?" Maybe this is how people say thanks in Bella's hometown of Phoenix, AZ. To stop this sudden Spanish Inquisition, Edward says he'll explain everything to her later.

Bella, Edward, and Tyler, who was driving the runaway van, are taken to the hospital. Edward gets to sit up front in the ambulance, probably because he's a vampire and one of their many powers (along with super speed and strength) is the ability to sit shotgun in any vehicle.

And speaking of vampire powers: I don't get it. So far, these vamps are very strong and super fast. Plus, as you told me in the comments, they become attractive to help lure their prey. But if they already have incredible strength and speed, why do they need movie star looks? Maybe they're lazy. Or maybe they use their strength and speed to catch the blind, who aren't tempted by the good looks. But whatever the reason, these vampires seem over-powered. And so far, Meyer is introducing more and more abilities with each chapter.

At the hospital, Bella pulls Edward aside and demands that he explain how he saved her life. He lies, claiming he was at her side moments before the accident, and telling her she's confused because she bumped her head. She refuses to accept this, and gets angry. After Edward says, "Can't you just thank me and get over it?" she finally and reluctantly offers her thanks. Remind me never to save Bella's life.

The rest of the conversation is a petty fight between the two, during which Bella suggests that things would have been better if Edward hadn't saved her at all. She should watch what she says. As anyone who's seen Home Alone or 13 Going on 30 knows, people in fictional stories should be careful what they wish for.

Bella leaves the hospital, goes home, and has her first dream about Edward.

Prediction: By the end of the series, it will be revealed that along with super strength, good looks, and great speed, the vampires also have heat vision, cloaks of invisibility, and missile-launching kneecaps. Plus, to further entice their victims, vampires make delicious tacos. And to tempt infants, they sprout long sticks from their foreheads with shiny keys attached.

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