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Comments To Pull You Through An All-Nighter

Comments To Pull You Through An All-Nighter

Our all-nighter music mix post from last month provoked a huge response from insomniac Sparklers. Many of you wee-hours study addicts jumped in with your own playlist suggestions, which is great since our mix would really only get you to about 12:24 am.

Some of you advocated playing only irritating music to stay awake, while others warned ominously against jamming out too hard -- and thus ignoring your assignment altogether. (Could make for a fun night indeed, until the cold reality of the morning, and that F.)

Specific recommendations ranged widely from Bartok to Avril Lavigne to screamo to techno to Turkish marching music to 80s alternative to hardcore thrash to Suessical The Musical. There were also a surprising number of people who argued persuasively for the study-soundtrack-friendly attributes of Japanese pop.

Some of you, like coyfish44, even weighed in while doing all-nighters:

"Well as I’m sitting here at 2:30 in the morning not doing the Latin stuff I should be doing…basically anything folky/art rock/art pop is wonderful for a late night when you just need to slow down a bit and get through that massive pile of work you didn’t do two weeks ago. Anything with too much of a beat will just about burst my eardrums at 3 in the morning…"

A sampling of some of your other helpful comments:


"… sometimes its better for me to not have lyrics because i get really distracted. I once turned in a paper and had a sentence that said 'Simon was a significant character to Lord of the flies because he lose yourself in the music the moment you own it you better never let it go.'

I had used the lyrics from “Lose yourself” by eminem in my english paper."

spugh417 :

"My playlist depends on the subject i’m studying for… like for history my teacher sucks so i typically will put on a bit of three days grace “'i hate everything about you'

…nothing like jason mraz “i’m yours” or anything cuz then i get completely distracted and start thinking about my boyfriend instead of the project… lol"


"The one and only band/group/artist that has successfully always kept me up was: SYSTEM OF A DOWN."


"THE CURE-Friday I am In Love
THE KNACK-My Sharona
THE VIRGINS-Private Affair
DAFT PUNK-Robot Rock


"lol im so happy that for once we aren’t being told not to stay up all late! Personally, i just go to and put in my favorite band. It’s like your own, personal radio station! it’s amazing!"


"Personally, I cant listen to music with lyrics when I work, so I listen to Vitamin String Quartet. They do really good covers of bands like Linkin Park, Coldplay, Led Zepplin, etc. Its cool because they get all these crazy sound effects on violins that dont distract you but keep you interested and focused on your work :p"


"on my last history paper i listened to hannah montana. yeah. go right ahead and mock me, because i ended up with a 98"


"Well, if it is getting late, and you need something to get you woken up and energized to finish writing that paper you honestly thought was due NEXT Tuesday; then I recommend something a bit unconventional: J-pop.

It is in a language that you most likely do not know, so you don’t have to worry about your mind getting to wrapped up with wanting to sing along with the lyrics instead of working on the assignment."


"For me techno or simple rock music keeps me awake.
For some really wacky reason screamo and deathcore help me sleep. o_O"

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