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Your Band's Called What?

Your Band's Called What?

"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! We are Bean Sister & the Unusual Ostrich Burger!!!"

Oh sure, you and the other members of your garage band could put a huge amount of effort into coming up with a deep and meaningful name, like “Joy Division” or “Rage Against the Machine,” but is it worth the effort? Iconic groups from Led Zeppelin to Radiohead came by their band names largely by chance and went on to fame and success (we’ll throw the Mars Volta and Butthole Surfers in this category too, because you have to respect a band whose name you can’t even say on most radio stations).

Of course, you might not want to simply wait around for the cosmos to toss the perfect title your way, either — you’ve got school and maybe a job and you’d like to get this band off the ground before you’re 30. This is where can help.

By generating neat little lists of randomly combined nouns and adjectives, bandnamemaker puts the power of serendipity under the control of your clicking finger. Here we go:

“Dial Diversion,” “Edible Surprise,” “Blister Arcade”
“Gorgeous Ignorance,” “Viking Hamburger”

All way better than the “String Cheese Incident.”

The down side: It will also begin to waste hours of your time as soon as you realize there is an infinite number of (potentially hilarious) names just waiting to be discovered by clicking your browser’s “refresh” button. It’s like sitting at a slot machine, but instead of money, you’ll be spending your evenings, weekends and study halls. Could we someday name schools, cities or even children with this method? How do you think they got Bronx Mowgli Wentz?

Think you can tell the real band name from the randomly generated ones? Take the quiz! (No Googling)

a. Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
b. Flammable Rodeo
c. Scum Rumble

a. Musical Skeleton
b. Rumor Cell
c. Sunny Day Real Estate

a. Big Head Todd and the Monsters
b. Todd and the Moron
c. Todd of the Jungle

(answers: a,c,a)

If you had a band (or have a band!) what would you call it?

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