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The F**kit List

By Katie_RolnickMarch 20, 2009
Unless you happened to be trapped on a long airplane flight with nothing to read, we're guessing you missed the Jack Nicholson/Morgan Freeman buddy movie "The Bucket List." This fine film follows two elderly chums (both of whom are terminally ill) as they check off their... More  →

Rock Band: A Few New Suggestions

By Jeff_AlexanderMarch 19, 2009
We at SparkNotes already love Rock Band, so you can imagine our excitement at the news that there would be an all-Beatles version of the game. We've already seen Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, soon to be followed by Metallica and... More  →

Twitter Apps We'd Love to See

By Jeff_AlexanderMarch 19, 2009
Twitter is awesome, no doubt. But, as with grades and physical fitness, there's always room for improvement. We decided to focus our analytical minds to the task of discovering which new apps could make Twitter even awesomer. Since we're not computer programmers, we leave it up to some enterprising... More  →

Frat Boys Done Good?

By Kathryn_WilliamsMarch 18, 2009
Last week, Lindsay over at Videogum alerted the world to a YouTube video of some frat guys from the University of Chicago taunting Westboro Baptist Church anti-gay protesters with a cute little song and dance, followed by a Tiny Dancer... More  →

Gaming for Free

By Jeff_AlexanderMarch 17, 2009
With money tight, and costs going up, you need to make your gaming dollar go further than ever before. Buying new games is expensive. Buying used games is cheap, but only by so much. Buying no games at all is free, but then you have... More  →

The Video Gamer’s Guide to Driver’s Ed

By Chris_DikenMarch 13, 2009
If you are not yet of legal age to operate a motor vehicle yet (or have been stripped of that right for some reason--unjust, to be sure), there are still some easy ways to experience the satisfaction of keeping two tons of metal on the road and... More  →

Wee Fit

By Jeff_AlexanderMarch 9, 2009
Not long ago, the only way hardcore gamers could get their heart rate up to anywhere near target-level was with a particularly demanding boss battle. Of course, the Wii has been getting players up on the couch for a while now, but not everyone can... More  →

Mail Goggles: It Just Might Save Your Life

By Katie_RolnickMarch 3, 2009
By the time something digital makes its way to the pages of the New York Times, the rest of us already know about it. For example, this week's tip on Gadgetwise, the Times' blog about personal technology, is about editing photos on Picasa. Um, duh. But,... More  →