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MORE SparkNotes for Your SparkNotes

By Emily WinterApril 24, 2009
Welcome back to SparkNotes for your SparkNotes, where we boil away everything you need to know to ace a test and leave you with exactly what to say at a party. If you want to watch people squirm. Right. Okay. Hamlet Cutting edge interior design leads to handful o’... More  →

Secrets of the Twilight Sequel Revealed (And By "Secrets," We Mean "Werewolf Nipples")

By kat_rosenfieldApril 24, 2009
Residents of Vancouver might be seeing some interesting local wildlife in the next few weeks, as half-naked werewolves with rippling pectoral muscles infiltrate its forests. According to today's intel, filming for the upcoming Twilight sequel, New Moon, is underway—which means that the hot... More  →

Writer Condenses SparkNotes, Enjoys Successful Career, Dies Old

By Emily WinterApril 17, 2009
Ever wanted SparkNotes for your SparkNotes? Lucky for you, between Twitter and sites like this one, it seems like you can find uber-condensed summaries of everything from movies to your cousin's toe hair. ...Everything except literature, that is. We at SparkNotes could stand no... More  →

These Books Are Great...In Bed.

By kat_rosenfieldApril 14, 2009
Last month, the literary community was all aflutter over this portrait, widely considered to be a never-before-seen likeness of William Shakespeare himself. Why all the hubbub, you ask? Because it depicts the Bard as a hunk of hot Elizabethan man-meat, that’s why! Whereas most images... More  →

Glitter in the Morning: Butt Cleavage and Beyond

By Emily WinterMarch 19, 2009
All that glitters isn't gold... sometimes it's just eye shadow. This week the Glitter girls talk about what it's really like to be a celebrity, and the truth isn't always pretty. Read Glitter in the Morning, Episode 2 after the jump.... More  →

Dr. Jay: Whassup Teens, I Totally Hear Ya For Shizzle!

By Kathryn_WilliamsMarch 12, 2009
So we just found out that Dr. Phil’s son, Jay McGraw (apparently Dr. Phil does have a last name), has written several self-help books for young adults. Life Strategies for Teens is Dr. Jay’s teenified version of his dad’s Life Strategies... More  →

SparkNotes Cartoon Zone

By Emily WinterMarch 5, 2009
Quel horror! A day at the mall turns, ugh, political when our two heroines reach the makeup counter. What will happen when the girls’ favorite lipsticks—Perfect Pink and Ravishing Red—have been replaced?! Read the comic after the... More  →