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Romantic Rivalries Part DEUX

By Tyler FederNovember 24, 2015
As a follow-up to her hilarious Romantic Rivalries slideshow, the ridiculously talented Tyler Feder chose six more sets of fictional characters who are pitted against each other in the desperate quest to win the heart of the one they love (RUN-ON SENTENCE FTW). Click through More  →
Romantic Rivalries Part DEUX

I Saw Mockingjay: Part 2 With People Who Knew Nothing About The Hunger Games

By ElodieNovember 23, 2015
I generally avoid seeing movies on opening weekend. This is because I usually wind up sitting behind some humanoid skyscraper of a man, and I have to crawl over six or seven people's knees just to use the bathroom. But since the Hunger Games franchise is... More  →
I Saw <em>Mockingjay: Part 2</em> With People Who Knew Nothing About <em>The Hunger Games</em>

Literary Pets, RANKED

By andrew joanisNovember 23, 2015
Without further ado, from WORST to BEST: At Hogwarts, you're allowed an owl, cat, frog, or I guess a terrible old man who helped bring about the death of your best friend's parents who is disguised as a rat. WHO WROTE THESE RULES? More  →
Literary Pets, RANKED
A History Geek's Guide to <i>The Hunger Games</i>

A History Geek's Guide to The Hunger Games

By Emily BrownNovember 20, 2015
Welcome to a history geek's guide to an even bigger history geek's dystopian novel! It comes as no surprise (or as a huge surprise, depending on your knowledge base of Suzanne Collins) that Suzanne Collins has been a huge fan of Greek and Roman mythology/history since she w More  →

Would You Rather... (Plus, A Challenge)

By ElodieNovember 20, 2015
Oftentimes when I retreat to the corners of my mind's eternal darkness to come up with these questions, I already know which way I'm swinging. But last week was not one of those times. I needed you guys to take the reins of my life and steer me true. I asked if you would More  →
Would You Rather... (Plus, A Challenge)

These GORGEOUS Mockingjay Part 2 Illos Will Set Your Heart ABLAZE

By Karen EdinaNovember 20, 2015
We've all been clutching our Haymitch body pillows and waiting with bated breath for the day that Mockingjay Part 2 storms into theaters, and at long last, THAT DAY IS HERE. In honor of the cinematic event of the century, the uber-talented Karen Edina created these stunning More  →
These GORGEOUS <em>Mockingjay Part 2</em> Illos Will Set Your Heart ABLAZE

Everything I Learned About Dating From Harry Potter Couples

By Maura Barry-GarlandNovember 19, 2015
The Harry Potter books are full of important lessons about standing up for what’s right, supporting your friends, and never following spiders anywhere, ever. They’re also full of great dating tips (so much to be learned from Weasley's Won-Won phase, you guys). Here... More  →
Everything I Learned About Dating From <i>Harry Potter</i> Couples

If Fictional Characters Had Tinder

By ElodieNovember 19, 2015
Given the haunted crypt that is my love life, it makes sense that I would eventually meander my way on over to Tinder, which is like the Taco Bell of dating. And having now swiped right and left  to my lonely heart's desire, I can confirm with absolute certainty that the si More  →
If Fictional Characters Had Tinder

QUIZ: Which Literary Bestie Are You?

By Elaine AtwellNovember 18, 2015
From Don Quixote and Sancho to Anne and Diana, literature is littered(atured) with best friends. They keep the hero's spirits up, provide plenty of the good ideas, and let us compare our real life friendships to theirs. So if you've ever wondered how your friendship stacks u More  →
QUIZ: Which Literary Bestie Are You?

Howlers Are the ALL-CAPS SNAPCHAT of Hogwarts!

By Maddy AaronNovember 18, 2015
If you think about it (not too hard), Howlers are basically the Snapchat of Harry Potter—they only exist for a limited period of time to deliver their message before they tear themselves apart. As strong believers in the power of ALL CAPS and YELLING, we at SparkLife drea More  →
Howlers Are the ALL-CAPS SNAPCHAT of Hogwarts!