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Open Thread for January 1!

By SparkLifeJanuary 1, 2018
Happy New Year, Sparklers!  ... More  →
Open Thread for January 1!

Every Classic Lit Recap You Will Ever Need

By SparkLifeDecember 27, 2017
There is nothing worse than walking into school and realizing that you did approximately zero reading for English class last night. The Great Gatsby languished unread on your bookshelf, you failed to crack open The Scarlet Letter even once, and you’re pretty sure Moby More  →
Every Classic Lit Recap You Will Ever Need

Happy Holidays from the SparkLife Illustrators!

By SparkLifeDecember 20, 2017
In celebration of the holiday season and the fact that we get Friday off (VICTORIOUS HIGH FIVES FOR ERRRRRBODY), we've gathered up the quirkiest, cutest collection of custom holiday illos and gifs, created by our own brilliantly talented SparkLife artists! Click through to s More  →
Happy Holidays from the SparkNotes Illustrators!