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Happy Holidays from the SparkLife Illustrators!

By SparkLifeDecember 21, 2016
In celebration of the holiday season and the fact that we get Friday off (VICTORIOUS HIGH FIVES FOR ERRRRRBODY), we've gathered up the quirkiest, cutest collection of custom holiday illos and gifs, created by our own brilliantly talented SparkLife artists! Click through to s More  →
Happy Holidays from the SparkNotes Illustrators!

The Demonic Flip-side to Your Zodiac Sign

By SparkLifeOctober 26, 2016
Astrology is usually about flattering you with heroic descriptions of your winning traits, but certain celestial events can bring out the flipside of your personality strengths, and frankly we are more worried rn about the kinds of demons that Halloween will unleash on this More  →
The Demonic Flip-side to Your Zodiac Sign