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Anatomy of a Harry Potter Fangirl

By SparkLifeMay 17, 2017
Welcome to our new series, Anatomy of a Fangirl. This first edition is dedicated to all of you who... Read through the night to find out how the Battle of Hogwarts would resolve Sweat buckets as they took the Sorting test Continue to have particularly strong opinions about Wolfstar Take fan theories very seriously Have called someone ... More  →
Anatomy of a <i>Harry Potter </i> Fangirl

Hogwarts Houses Hex the Patriarchy

By SparkLifeApril 7, 2017
Wizards have always appeared to have a better track record than Muggles in terms of gender equality. Evidence: Hogwarts has an equal number of men and women on its staff, gender is irrelevant on Quidditch teams, and women have been prominent in politics for CENTURIES More  →
Hogwarts Houses Hex the Patriarchy

Happy Holidays from the SparkLife Illustrators!

By SparkLifeDecember 21, 2016
In celebration of the holiday season and the fact that we get Friday off (VICTORIOUS HIGH FIVES FOR ERRRRRBODY), we've gathered up the quirkiest, cutest collection of custom holiday illos and gifs, created by our own brilliantly talented SparkLife artists! Click through to s More  →
Happy Holidays from the SparkNotes Illustrators!