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Writer Wars Winner: "The Left" by _Underscored_Owl_!

By reidfaylorMay 29, 2014
Behold, Sparklers, your writer wars champion of the week! Last week's prompt asked writers to craft a story/poem in which they describe the indescribable, and _Underscored_Owl_'s submission stole the voters' hearts like it was a professional heart-thief. Yet, this was no easy task, because the ... More  →
Writer Wars Winner:

Writer Wars Winners: Indescribable

By reidfaylorMay 28, 2014
Get ready, writers, for a writing competition the likes of which you haven't seen since probably last week! That's right: WRITER WARS. "I wonder what the prompt will be!" "What will he reward the runners up?" "But what was his general response to the stories last week?" Calm More  →
Writer Wars Winners: Indescribable

Writer Wars Winner: "Brothers" by TomasMantosorri!

By reidfaylorMay 23, 2014
This week's Writer Wars winner is TomasMantosorri! It's the second week in a row for him, and for good reason. Last week's prompt asked writers to imitate another author's style and tell a story about growing up, and this tale of brotherly love gone sour (in the style of Ric More  →
Writer Wars Winner:

Writer Wars: Imitation

By reidfaylorMay 20, 2014
It's been a whole week, but the day has finally arrived: Writer Wars is upon us again! Writer fighting writer, ink staining the hilltops, word militias attacking ... gerunds? This war analogy is hard to keep up, but you get the general idea: it's time for another Writer Wars More  →
Writer Wars: Imitation

Writer Wars Winner: "Love Can Be Deadly" by TomasMantosorri!

By reidfaylorMay 15, 2014
This week's Sparklers' Choice Award goes to TomasMantosorri for his story "Love Can Be Deadly." It exemplifies the "short" aspect of a short story, but this is by no means a detraction. In just 33 words, Tomas' tale confronts you with love, betrayal, and murder ... More  →
Writer Wars Winner:

Writer Wars: Strange Love

By reidfaylorMay 13, 2014
Oh, my dear writers, you done did it good last week. For one, that was easily the most comments and stories on any Writer Wars yet—great to see you guys support your fellow writers in a kind way. But you done did it good in more ways than that! You see, your stories were j More  →
Writer Wars: Strange Love

Writer Wars Winner: "My Annoying Little Habit" by TardisGirl!

By reidfaylorMay 8, 2014
Here is this week's Writer Wars winning story! Give it a read, take it in, let your eyes look at it. "The art is so cartoon-y and fun, I bet this has a nice ending," you're probably saying to yourself. Read it and find out if you're right! Hint: you're very wrong. Congratula More  →
Writer Wars Winner:
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