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Writer Wars Winner: "A World For You" by SilverLiningOfACloud!

By reidfaylorApril 9, 2014
Sparklers, behold: the winning story of last week's Writer Wars—fully illustrated, of course. Last week's prompt asked writers to tell the creation story of a world, and SilverLiningOfACloud wrote the story above, which collectively made everyone go, "Oh, that's quite good More  →
Writer Wars Winner:

Writer Wars: Creation

By reidfaylorApril 7, 2014
Another week has passed us by, writers. The march of time is unrelenting, turning saplings into mighty trees and babies into ... slightly older babies. Time makes vast kingdoms turn to dust and it makes cheese taste "better," but there is one good thing the passage of time More  →
Writer Wars: Creation

Writer Wars Winner: "The Swirly Man" by TheDoctor212!

By reidfaylorApril 3, 2014
This week's Sparklers' Choice Award winner was TheDoctor212, who wrote the fantastic story featured above based on last week's Writer Wars prompt. It's a tale of abuse, loss, and the dreadful weight of eternity—all with perhaps one solution: the Swirly Man. Read the follow More  →
Writer Wars Winner:

Writer Wars: the Price of Immortality

By reidfaylorApril 1, 2014
Writers, readers, reader-writers, and writer-readers, welcome to this week's Writer Wars! I've got a lot in store for you this week—some slides, some text, even fish. Fish. What more could you possibly want? Last week's prompt asked you to write a story about a person wit More  →
Writer Wars: the Price of Immortality

Writer Wars Winner: "One Loose String" by SilverLiningOfACloud!

By reidfaylorMarch 26, 2014
Here, in illustrated glory, is the winning story of last week's Writer Wars! SilverLiningOfACloud tells us a tale about the small rays of hope you find in dark days, about how the smallest act by a stranger can change your life. Prepare your brain and tissue box for some fee More  →
Writer Wars Winner:

Writer Wars: Butterfly Effect

By reidfaylorMarch 24, 2014
Good afternoon, writers, and welcome to this week's Writer Wars! Last week you received a prompt to write a story about a freak series of events all inspired by one, simple action. You guys wrote up some tales of woe, whimsy, and wfriendship, and I must say: they were dang p More  →
Writer Wars: Butterfly Effect

Writer Wars Winner: "A Pox Upon the House of Printers" by CrepuscularSnidget!

By reidfaylorMarch 20, 2014
CrepuscularSnidget is this week's Writer Wars winner, with her wonderfully titled story "A Pox Upon the House of Printers." I just recently started asking for writers to title their works, and if you keep churning out gold like that then I may have to keep asking. Read throu More  →
Writer Wars Winner:
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Reid Faylor is a stand-up comedian, cartoonist, writer, and whimsically bearded gentleman living in New York City. He owns a cat named Mr. President. You can follow his tumblr at

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