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Writer Wars Winner: "Immortal Suffering of the Murderous" by TomasMantosorri!

By reidfaylorMay 1, 2014
Here is this week's Writer Wars winner! Last week's prompt asked writers to craft a story about what happens when you die, and as the title alone should tell you: it's not always ... pleasant. TomasMantosorri's story is full of rotting flesh, eternal agony, and the occasiona More  →
Writer Wars Winner:

Writer Wars: The Afterlife

By reidfaylorApril 29, 2014
Hello, writers, and welcome to this week's Writer Wars! Last week's prompt asked a question that's been around since the dawn of humanity: what happens when you die? You wrote stories tackling reincarnation, heaven, hell, ghost bureaucracies, and other ethereal realms that w More  →
Writer Wars: The Afterlife

Writer Wars Winner: "Skin" by MyHair'sOnFire!

By reidfaylorApril 23, 2014
Sparklers, read the next few slides and take in the splendor of this week's Writer Wars Winner. "Skin" tells the story of humankind plagued by a plague (known as The Plague), forced to live their lives inside a thin, protective membrane. Yet, the story is more subtle than th More  →
Writer Wars Winner:

Writer Wars: Invention

By reidfaylorApril 22, 2014
Welcome, writers, to another Writer Wars! Though, the more I think about it, it's not really a "war" by most definitions. Writer Polite Competitions? Writer Pleasant Exchanges of Ideas? Writer Writings? Eh, none have the same ring. War it shall remain! Last week's prompt as More  →
Writer Wars: Invention

Writer Wars Winner: "I Swear I'm Not Single" by TardisGirl!

By reidfaylorApril 17, 2014
Behold, Sparklers, your winner of the Sparklers' Choice Award—the award we give out every week to the winning writer of the weekly Writer Wars. That was a lot of w words. Anyway, TardisGirl wrote this story based on last week's prompt, which asked writers to use their stor More  →
Writer Wars Winner:

Writer Wars: Lies!

By reidfaylorApril 15, 2014
A happy Writer Wars, to you, you bunch of liars. "Whoa, Reid! Why would you say such a thing? Are you trying to start something with a rude diss?" Not in the least! Last week's prompt asked you to craft a convincing lie, and you all did so wonderfully. You all lied some seri More  →
Writer Wars: Lies!
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Reid Faylor is a stand-up comedian, cartoonist, writer, and whimsically bearded gentleman living in New York City. He owns a cat named Mr. President. You can follow his tumblr at

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