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What You See in the Clouds, Decoded

What You See in the Clouds, Decoded

By reidfaylorOctober 21, 2015
Lying on a blanket and looking up at the sky, the clouds begin to form shapes... ducks, bunnies, the late King Mufasa.But what does it all mean?If you see the kings of the past, then you are more than you have become (and must take your place in the circle of life). As a pa More  →
A Horror Story Told in Pancakes

A Horror Story Told in Pancakes

By reidfaylorOctober 5, 2015
On Halloween, a portal opens between this world and the next, allowing all manner of horrors through. You know how to ward off ghosts, werewolves, and vampires, but will you be ready to face the discarded bad pancakes from your past when they march upon your house on All More  →
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Reid Faylor is a stand-up comedian, cartoonist, writer, and whimsically bearded gentleman living in New York City. He owns a cat named Mr. President. You can follow his tumblr at

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