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Drive Everyone Completely Insane Mix

By Matt_HunzikerMay 27, 2009
In the past, we at Sparklife’s Tactical Music Division have explained how to enhance your study experience using music to help you stay on track or even to feed you the answers. Today we build on that knowledge by asking a few questions: “If we’re graded ... More  →

Bad Food for New Love

By Matt_HunzikerMay 22, 2009
Ideally, your boyfriend or girlfriend is someone around whom you can relax, be yourself, bask in the welcoming glow of their unconditional acceptance, etc. etc. In reality, though, it takes awhile to get to that point. Until then, you’ll probably want to be a bit ... More  →

Music That Will Still Scare Old People

By Matt_HunzikerMay 21, 2009
Being rebellious used to be easier. For a short time in the 1950s, listening to Elvis made you look like a criminal and rock & roll was synonymous with witchcraft. Shocking people is a lot harder now. Even if your parents are over 50 years old, ... More  →

Stop The Photo Madness!

By Matt_HunzikerMay 18, 2009
As anyone who remembers having to buy one of those 20-shot disposable cameras for every slumber party, school dance, and birthday will tell you, digital cameras are great. They’re cheap and easy to use and you never pay to have photos developed only to find ... More  →

Everything You Need to Know Mix

By Matt_HunzikerMay 14, 2009
It’s not hard to make a study mix—just figure out what kind of music you find calming, whether that’s Enya or Slayer (the best mix would probably have both), and then pack enough of those songs onto a CD or MP3 player to get you ... More  →

Fast Dances Even You Can Do

By Matt_HunzikerMay 13, 2009
All over the country, Stretch Hummers are rolling down streets littered with corsages, which can only mean we’re in the thick of prom season. Some schools already had theirs and plenty of you are still choosing songs and figuring out carpools for one of the ... More  →

"Never fear! _________ is here!"

By Matt_HunzikerMay 12, 2009
At some point, everyone’s fantasized about being a superhero, but unfortunately, bug bites just itch, there’s no such thing as adamantium, and you were born in Akron, Ohio, not on Krypton. The non-super-powered heroes in “Watchmen” made the crime-fighting lifestyle look a little more accessible ... More  →

SUCCEED Blog: A Happier Web For Tough Times

By Matt_HunzikerMay 8, 2009
FAIL, FML, WTF? The news has been relatively grim recently (even for the news), with continuing economic turmoil, fears of a new global illness, and more competition for college admissions. At the same time, many of our most popular websites - which should be busy improving ... More  →

Apply Here For Summer Jobs

By Matt_HunzikerMay 4, 2009
Unless you’re still somehow pulling in serious allowance money, you’re probably looking around for a summer job at this time of year. Or you’re thinking you should probably get around to looking for a summer job soon. Or you hadn’t thought of it yet, but ... More  →

Your Band's Called What?

By Matt_HunzikerApril 28, 2009
"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! We are Bean Sister & the Unusual Ostrich Burger!!!" Oh sure, you and the other members of your garage band could put a huge amount of effort into coming up with a deep and meaningful name, like “Joy Division” or “Rage ... More  →