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How to Use Celebrities As Verbs

By Maddy AaronAugust 15, 2016
It's hard to keep up with all of the lingo that the cool kids are spouting these days. Luckily for you, we keep a running tab of all of the terms that hit the cultural zeitgeist, since we know they will ~eventually~ show up on your ... More  →
How to Use Celebrities As Verbs

Wonder Woman + Allllll the Trailers That Debuted at Comic Con

By Maddy AaronJuly 25, 2016
Comic Con is just like Christmas, if, on Christmas morning, instead of opening presents, you got a bunch of IOU notes for presents you'd be able to enjoy in about a year or so. BUT, THOSE PRESENTS ARE GOING TO BE EPIC WHEN THEY ... More  →
Wonder Woman + Allllll the Trailers That Debuted at Comic Con

Fictional 'Ships from Across Fandoms—Part 3!

By Maddy AaronJuly 1, 2016
First we gave you Part 1. Then we gave you Part 2. Now, we're giving you Part NINE THOUSAND AND EIGHTY SIX.JK, we're giving you Part 3, because numerically it just makes sense. Get ready to swoon and/or become enraged over 7 more pairs of your fave fictional characters, who More  →
Fictional 'Ships from Across Fandoms-Part 3!

The Top 9 Unhealthiest Relationships in Fiction

By Maddy AaronJune 22, 2016
Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, Princess Buttercup and Wesley, Haymitch and Effie (we all know it was happening): to the thirsty reader, these lovebirds are the epitome of romance, the relationships we live vicariously through while waiting for our own Gilbert Blythe to r More  →
The Top 9 Unhealthiest Relationships in Fiction

Fictional 'Ships From Across Fandoms—Part 2!

By Maddy AaronJune 20, 2016
Last time we dared to pair up characters from different fandom universes, the Cap scaled the brick wall surrounding Katniss' heart, Ginny upgraded from the Chosen One to the Commander of the Night's Watch, and Johanna Mason stole Loki's spaceship—and his heart. In thi More  →
Fictional 'Ships From Across Fandoms-Part 2!

We Rank the Lord of the Rings Characters According to Dateability

By Maddy AaronJune 7, 2016
While some people had posters of Justin Timberlake, Shane West, and Chad Michael Murray splashed across the walls of their room growing up, others of us chose to forego the Teen Vogue foldouts for life-size cutouts of Legolas, handmade collages of Aragorn, and etchings More  →
We Rank the <i>Lord of the Rings</i> Characters According to Dateability

Gilmore Girls Taught Us Everything We Know About Relationships

By Maddy AaronMay 10, 2016
The fast-talking leads of Gilmore Girls taught me everything I know about first kisses, first boyfriends, surviving the transition to college, and how to drink coffee (fast). Your witty comebacks and quick-fire banter are guaranteed to improve significantly every ti More  →
<em> Gilmore Girls </em> Taught Us Everything We Know About Relationships

The Best Banter in Marvel Movies, RANKED

By Maddy AaronMay 6, 2016
The day has finally arrived! Captain America: Civil War is here, which means we're due for another round of delightful banter by the superheroes of Marvel. Sure, they'll probably have to fight some sort of bad guy and the world will be in peril once again (blah blah bl More  →
The Best Banter in Marvel Movies, RANKED

The Coolest Moms in Fiction, Ranked

By Maddy AaronMay 4, 2016
Moms rarely get their due in fiction: they typically serve as the vessel that delivers the Chosen One and then crumbles into dust like a discarded silkworm cocoon. Take Lily Potter: without her [accidentally magical] sacrifice, there would be NO HARRY POTTER SERIES. Seriousl More  →
The Coolest Moms in Fiction, Ranked

The Best and Worst Fairy Tale Films

By Maddy AaronApril 20, 2016
When you grow up watching the animated Disney delights of The Lion King, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin, you're bound to develop a certain obsession fondness for fairy tales. While the imagination and wonder of far-reaching and ever-expanding fantasy and sci More  →
The Best and Worst Fairy-Tale Films
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