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Auntie Sparknotes Ain't Afraid of Pinhead

By kat_rosenfieldApril 29, 2009
This week, Auntie SparkNotes is taking a break from romantic quandaries to address something much more fun: A real-life human horror movie! Our commenter writes: one of my best friends…lets call her…Hellraiser…is a total attention whore. like i love her. she’s funny and smart, but when ... More  →

Prom Horror: An Etiquette Guide

By kat_rosenfieldApril 27, 2009
Previously on SparkNotes, your editors offered a step-by-step instruction guide for securing a prom date—which, if you have followed our sage advice, will have netted you the date of your choice with time to spare. And with any luck, you're all set, everything is perfect, ... More  →

Secrets of the Twilight Sequel Revealed (And By "Secrets," We Mean "Werewolf Nipples")

By kat_rosenfieldApril 24, 2009
Residents of Vancouver might be seeing some interesting local wildlife in the next few weeks, as half-naked werewolves with rippling pectoral muscles infiltrate its forests. According to today's intel, filming for the upcoming Twilight sequel, New Moon, is underway—which means that the hot young actors ... More  →

Where's Baldo? Find Out on FRINGE!

By kat_rosenfieldApril 24, 2009
If you’ve been watching FRINGE, you’ve probably noticed the occasional presence of the Observer, a random bald guy with no eyebrows, a vacant expression, and a seemingly endless supply of black suits and fedoras. Oh yeah, and he’s always hanging around when something weeeeeeird happens. ... More  →

Auntie SparkNotes Is Totally Freaking Out Right Now

By kat_rosenfieldApril 21, 2009
This week, we’ve been seeing intermittent snippets of advice-seeking from one person…snippets which, frankly, are starting to alarm us. It started like this: there is this guy who i even don’t know if i like or love but he’s just after me. And he is…just insecure…but ... More  →

I'll Never Lego

By kat_rosenfieldApril 21, 2009
If you ever played with Legos, you know that they are the greatest toy-slash-architectural-tool ever to grace the face of our fair planet. Here at SparkNotes, we smile whenever we think of the youthful hours we once spent building Lego cities, designing Lego cars, cooking ... More  →

Yippie-Ki-Yay, Mister Falcon! (And Other "Bullspit" Overdubs)

By kat_rosenfieldApril 20, 2009
Somebody had better fetch my grandma her smelling salts: According to the folks at AdAge, some guy said the f-word on last night’s debut episode of Southland, and the censors bleeped it out, but you could still totally tell what he was saying! We at ... More  →

Auntie SparkNotes Will Get Rid of Your Room-Elephant

By kat_rosenfieldApril 16, 2009
This week, we heard from a commenter with a classic conundrum. Sparklife, I need your help!! I am really in love with a girl, and I mean it. I would never allow anything to happen to her, and so on. But the problem is that I am ... More  →

America's Next Top Blago

By kat_rosenfieldApril 15, 2009
We don't usually talk about politics on SparkLife, but the wackadoo antics of disgraced former governor Rod Blagojevich have forced us to make an exception. Wiretapped, impeached, indicted on federal corruption charges, and generally regarded by the public as a miserable failure…well, it seemed like Blago ... More  →

These Books Are Great...In Bed.

By kat_rosenfieldApril 14, 2009
Last month, the literary community was all aflutter over this portrait, widely considered to be a never-before-seen likeness of William Shakespeare himself. Why all the hubbub, you ask? Because it depicts the Bard as a hunk of hot Elizabethan man-meat, that’s why! Whereas most images of Shakespeare ... More  →
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