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Auntie SparkNotes Takes On the Double Whammy of Suck

By kat_rosenfieldJuly 24, 2009
Dear Auntie Sparknotes, I've never asked a stranger for advice before but I don't know who else to go to. My friends are say one thing and my parents are saying another i'm just really confuzzeled. So here it goes: I deeply care for my best ... More  →
Auntie SparkNotes Takes On the Double Whammy of Suck

Hey Sparklers, It's Time To Play...Should! You! Be! Naked?!

By kat_rosenfieldJuly 21, 2009
With summertime temperatures reaching their peak, many of you Sparklers may find yourself tempted to cut loose, sit back, and shed some of your... um... er... worries. And when we say "worries," we mean "pants." ... More  →

Auntie SparkNotes: Sick of Being Called a Prude

By kat_rosenfieldJuly 17, 2009
The theme of this week's letter is boozin' and usin': Dear Auntie Sparknotes, Lately, I've been feeling very lonely. I'm 16, and it seems like everyone I know is drinking or doing drugs. I realize that we're teenagers, and teenagers tend to try things, but it's all getting ... More  →

Teen Sends Text Message; World Ends

By kat_rosenfieldJuly 16, 2009
By now, we’re all pretty familiar with the so-called hazards of text messaging. Sore thumbs, skyrocketing SMS charges, opening an innocuous-looking photo attachment only to find yourself looking at a picture of someone’s butt…psh! Old news, my friends. But just when we thought there couldn’t ... More  →

Harry Potter Freakout: HOLYOMG It's Finally Here!

By kat_rosenfieldJuly 14, 2009
It’s finally happening, Sparklers! We've been getting ready with cast gossip, “spelling” lessons, and even an advice-seeking cameo from poor Little Lord Voldemort (yeah, he loves it when we call him that), and now the big event is finally here: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood ... More  →

Ask Auntie SparkNotes: Creepy Snake-Boy Edition

By kat_rosenfieldJuly 13, 2009
Just in time for the final days of our SparkNotes Harry Potter extravaganza, we heard from an advice-seeker with a really complicated problem. Strange how this all sounds so familiar... if only I could think where I'd heard it before! Huh, oh well... Dear Auntie SparkNotes, I ... More  →

Auntie SparkNotes Has Had It With You, Tom Felton

By kat_rosenfieldJuly 10, 2009
Harry Potter Mania continues (hi, nonickname34!) in this week's column, with a question about talking to crushes: Dear Auntie Sparknotes, This is probably stupid but i'm going to be a senior this year and I've on and off flirted with the guy in the locker next to ... More  →

Cheese-Conjuring Spells, Ninja Protection, and Other Lesser-Known Tools of the Wizard Trade

By kat_rosenfieldJuly 9, 2009
[caption id="" align="alignright" width="340" caption="photo: Justin Hollar"][/caption] It’s Day 3 of the Harry Potter Extravaganza here at SparkNotes, and we’re having more fun than a basilisk in a ladies' bathroom! So far this week, we’ve already thrown down the gauntlet at some Twilight fans, gossiped our ... More  →

Daniel Radcliffe Has Pasta in His Pants (and Other Rumors from HP Central)

By kat_rosenfieldJuly 8, 2009
Welcome, Sparklers, to Day 2 of Harry Potter Fan Mania!!!—where the Potter-loving masses come to beef up their Potions skills, save the Hippogryphs, and generally work themselves into a wand-waving frenzy over the impending release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Hopefully by now ... More  →

Harry Potter Could Whip the Cullens With One Hand Tied Behind His Back

By kat_rosenfieldJuly 7, 2009
Ever since Robert Pattinson flashed his sparkleface in the big-screen version of everyone’s favorite vampire saga, we at SparkNotes can’t help noticing a certain trend in the always-churning Hollywood gossip mill—a trend that goes something like this: TWILIGHT OMG TWILIGHT TWILIGHT TWILIGHT OMG TWILIIIIIGHT *sound of head ... More  →
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