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Please Tell Your Butt Not to Call Me Anymore.

By kat_rosenfieldFebruary 25, 2009
Hey, did you know that teenagers use their cellular phones to do this new-fangled thing called “text messaging”? Well, the media sure does: all of a sudden, they're inundating us with hysterical rants about “sexting,” worried ruminations on “text-bullying,” and this nervous piece about the ... More  →

Cheap Eats: Nuts for Noodles

By kat_rosenfieldFebruary 23, 2009
Although there are approximately 2 million things you currently can’t eat due to the Peanut Pandemic, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Skippy peanut butter is not on the FDA’s list of forbidden foods. And that’s a good thing. Why? ‘Cause we’re in a recession ... More  →

And the Best Avenger Award Goes To...

By kat_rosenfieldFebruary 20, 2009
The Oscars are upon us, and everyone is talking about this year's nominees—The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Frost/Nixon, Milk, The Reader, and Slumdog Millionaire. These films, which tackle political corruption, impoverished youth, and the horrors of WWII, are at the top of everyone's must-see ... More  →

Tryouts and Tribulations

By kat_rosenfieldFebruary 20, 2009
When it comes to filling the hours after school, it's all about the tryout. The cheer squad, the glee club, the soccer team, the school play—all these groups have a lengthy admission process, built on fairness and principle, designed to weed out the no-talents ... More  →

Epic Fail: Putrid Presidents

By kat_rosenfieldFebruary 19, 2009
CNN reports that historians have ranked our country’s presidents in order from best to worst. This is the second time in ten years that an analysis of this sort has been done, and once again Abraham Lincoln has defended his title of Best President ... More  →

The Worst Sex (Education) in History

By kat_rosenfieldFebruary 18, 2009
Florida's bay area is experiencing a huge increase in STDs, with rates of infection among teenagers nearly doubled since the 1990s. It's a statistic that doesn't make any sense (didn't we just hear that you guys are having less sex these days?) except that Florida ... More  →

How Would You Punish the Perpetrator of Poison Peanut Pandemonium?

By kat_rosenfieldFebruary 16, 2009
Stewart Parnell is a bad, bad man. Investigators recently unearthed a spate of emails from the Peanut Corp. owner and operator; the correspondence suggests that Parnell knowingly shipped the salmonella-tainted products that unleashed the grisly specter of peanut-flavored death on the American public. Shame! With hundreds ... More  →

How Not to Die of Embarrassment: The Boot-and-Run

By kat_rosenfieldFebruary 12, 2009
From the first homeroom bell to the slam of the last locker door, a typical high school day is ripe with opportunity. . .for total mortification, that is. You sidestep the juice spill near the ladies’ room, only to emerge with your ... More  →

The Terrifying Trend That Never Was

By kat_rosenfieldFebruary 12, 2009
Hey, guys! Remember last year, when Tyra Banks said that teenagers were having too much sex, and everyone immediately freaked out about the big, scary, Teen Sex Epidemic? Um, yeah, about that. ... More  →

The Latest LOST Surprise: Somebody Has Twins!

By kat_rosenfieldFebruary 11, 2009
Why is LOST suffering a decline in ratings this year? Many factors are to blame, including too many confusing subplots, random characters, and the fact that Daniel Faraday—despite having been marooned on the island for at least 72 hours (and probably more), still has not ... More  →
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Kat Rosenfield is a writer, illustrator, advice columnist, YA author, and enthusiastic licker of that plastic liner that comes inside a box of Cheez-Its. She loves zombies and cats. She hates zombie cats. Follow her on Twitter or Tumblr @katrosenfield.

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