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"Most Likely to Sleep with His Briefcase": How Josh Perilo Beat His Bullies with a Bookbag (Not Literally, Though)

By Josh PeriloApril 5, 2012
To show his support for The Bully Project, splogger Josh Perilo shares a story about how he took a stand against teasing in 8th grade! In the fall of my eighth grade year at Martin Luther King Junior Science Center at Horace Mann Middle School (which ... More  →

Game of Thrones Gets More Violent

By Josh PeriloApril 4, 2012
So, if you watched the Game of Thrones premiere Sunday and you’re even a little bit like me (or a human being in even a miniscule way) you found the final sequence of the episode a little… shall we say… violent. That is not ... More  →
Game of Thrones Gets More Violent

Tattoos Based on Lines of Poetry NOT to Get

By Josh PeriloApril 3, 2012
With national poetry month upon us, it’s only appropriate that we commemorate the great poets of the past with a lasting tribute. A statue perhaps? Or maybe a plaque in a park somewhere? Maybe… if you’re a lame-o! If you really want to ... More  →
Tattoos Based on Lines of Poetry NOT to Get

The Host Teaser Trailer

By Josh PeriloApril 2, 2012
With the second half of Breaking Dawn getting ready to drop, Twihards around the world are preparing to mourn en masse. But I’m here to tell you, PULL IT TOGETHER! It’s not the end of the world. And, it’s not the end ... More  →
The Host Teaser Trailer