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How to Be Awesome: Fashion Edition

By Jennifer GrudzieckiNovember 9, 2010
jgrudzy in the HOUUUUUUSE. Literally. She's our new intern! —Sparkitors You're getting dressed, and of course you want to look good. Not just good, though—you want to look great, because great is awesome. But you're looking at all of your clothes, and they are not awesome, great, ... More  →
How to Be Awesome: Fashion Edition

Send Us Your Fashion Posts!

By Jennifer GrudzieckiNovember 8, 2010
Hi, Sparklers! It's me, jgrudzy (the awesome one)! Instead of sitting at home on my laptop writing this post, I'm sitting at a desk in the middle of the SparkNotes building. Why? Because today is my first day as an intern for SparkNotes! Isn't that ... More  →
Send Us Your Fashion Posts!
About the Author
Jennifer Grudziecki

Jennifer Grudziecki is a writer, intern, and soon-to-be college graduate living in New York City. Her life goal is to be a space pirate, and maybe to write a book along the way. Follow her on Twitter @JennyGrudzy or on Tumblr at

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