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Taking the "Augh!" Out of August: Surviving the Last Month of the Summer

By Jeff_AlexanderJuly 28, 2009
Well, we're about to enter the most depressing month of summer: August. Why is it the most depressing? For starters, it's really hot and often humid. It's also the month when most people have run out of ideas for fun stuff to do. But the real ... More  →
Taking the "Augh!" Out of August: Surviving the Last Month of the Summer

Start Your Career Now. Now!

By Jeff_AlexanderJuly 24, 2009
One of the most common complaints about high school is that it doesn't prepare you for a career in the real world. We at SparkNotes disagree. High school can offer you a start in any number of careers, and you can actually try some of ... More  →
Start Your Career Now. Now!

Surviving the Family Camping Trip

By Jeff_AlexanderJuly 20, 2009
One summer ritual as old as time itself is the summer camping expedition with the family. Some of you out there might be seasoned veterans. You might already know what kind of tick bites to freak out over and which plants to avoid and how ... More  →

High School 101: A Life Primer

By Jeff_AlexanderJuly 15, 2009
Programs like Summer Success at Agua Fria High School in Arizona are helping students prep for ninth grade by teaching them how to do things like "plan course schedules, make friends, join teams and clubs or even find a seat in the lunchroom." We love ... More  →

And the Jimmy Goes To…

By Jeff_AlexanderJuly 14, 2009
We're really sorry, everyone. Somehow we at SparkNotes neglected to tell you in advance about the first annual National High School Musical Theater Awards—better known as "Jimmys"—held just a few weeks ago. We should have done a whole slate of pre-show coverage, from rundowns of our favorite ... More  →

"Summer of '69," Annotated

By Jeff_AlexanderJuly 7, 2009
At the height of the summer of '09, we at SparkNotes find ourselves thinking back to the summer of '69. Or, more accurately, we find ourselves thinking back to the Bryan Adams song of that name. (How old do you think we are, anyway?) That tune ... More  →

Find Your Inner GrillMaster

By Jeff_AlexanderJuly 3, 2009
This time of year is all about cookouts. But what if you're not being invited to as many of them as you'd like? Well, SparkNotes can tell you the secret of getting invited to every barbecue in town. It's really simple: Become the one thing ... More  →

Chorus Nerds, A/V Dorks, and Other Cool Kids

By Jeff_AlexanderJuly 2, 2009
The TV series Glee hasn't officially premiered yet, but we're sure it will be a huge hit. The show is set in an Ohio high school and features glee club kids—traditionally seen as the epitome of lame—giving fantastic performances and having a wonderful time. The message ... More  →

How Not to Blow Your July Fourth Fireworks Viewing Experience

By Jeff_AlexanderJune 29, 2009
In just a short amount of time, you'll have your chance to see all the explosions your heart could desire. No, we're not talking about the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Next week is the Fourth of July, and we want to help you get the ... More  →

Tips On Ditching Your Older Sibling

By Jeff_AlexanderJune 25, 2009
Recently, your friends here at SparkNotes shared a few tips with you about how to get rid of a younger sibling. But some of you asked about getting rid of a more challenging, even wilier pest: the older sibling, home from college. It's bad enough that you missed ... More  →