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Staying Sane During Application Season

By guestNovember 2, 2009
Today we have a special guest blogger: Gwyeth Smith Jr., also known as Smitty. Enjoy! After spending nearly 40 years as a guidance counselor, I can’t help feeling apprehensive whenever November arrives. Early application time is here, and that means even the calmest 12th graders and ... More  →
Staying Sane During Application Season

Paris: The Night Shift

By guestMarch 18, 2009
Our SparkGirl in Paris takes you party-hopping through her neighborhood. Beware the secondhand smoke and the glorious allure of 2 a.m. donor kebabs! Actually, go ahead and give in to the donor kebabs. Resistance is futile. Start up your dance party playlist (especially if Lady GaGa’s ... More  →

Good Idea. Bad Idea. Travel Edition

By guestMarch 12, 2009
A SparkGirl in Paris gets animated! I’m bringing you the ins and outs of getting out of your hometown and into an exotic foreign destination. As an added bonus, sneak a peek at my “super sexy” passport photo! May your journey abroad be better than my ... More  →

A SparkGirl in Paris

By guestMarch 9, 2009
Paris: a city of love, lights, and serious language snafus if you’re not careful! What happens when a simple hello gets awkwardly steamy? Or when you burst out laughing at a sign that, to your local buddies, means nothing at all (you silly, crazy American)? ... More  →

How to Secret Valentine Your Crush

By guestFebruary 9, 2009
So you've been checking out that special somebody in your class but are still way too scared to say anything. Valentine's Day is fast approaching, so this week is  the perfect drumroll to the day you finally step up and say something. Have a look ... More  →

Your Couple's Soundtrack Is Here

By guestFebruary 6, 2009
From troubadours in the Middle Ages to singing telegrams in the '90s, it's a fact of history that when people fall in love, they get an irrepressible urge to turn to song. They also find the intense need to share their feelings with everyone else ... More  →

The Ultimate L-O-V-E Playlist

By guestFebruary 5, 2009
You spent the holiday season showering your family and friends with love and gifts. Now it’s time to get yourself in the Valentine's groove for your honey. And nothin' says luvin' like a playlist of the best love songs around. Burn a copy of these tunes and present them as your V-Day present. ... More  →

Fun and cheap Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

By guestFebruary 3, 2009
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and before you know it you’ll have to show your honey how much you adore them by doing a little something special. But showing your love these days shouldn’t mean spending lots of cash you don’t have. So ... More  →

What's Your Sign: Happy Heart Day

By guestFebruary 2, 2009
Valentine’s Day—some people are way intense with the cards and flowers and kissy-kissy, while others are basically “so what?” about it or even philosophically opposed, like it’s all a big conspiracy to get everyone to buy more stuff. So what kind of valentine are you? ... More  →