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Things that Will Ruin Your Life in the Night 101

By Emily WinterMarch 4, 2009
If you live in the suburbs, you probably hate it. There's not one good thing about the sterile rows of houses, lack of culture, and rash of Applebee's, right? Wrong. We at SparkNotes can tell you that your parents' pristine house has one thing going for ... More  →

Sleep in Class (Without Getting Caught)

By Emily WinterMarch 2, 2009
You spoke (or, uh, typed) and we listened: A while back, we posted about how to stay awake in class. Turns out we were a liiiiiiittle bit off base. We'd like to take this opportunity to give a shoutout to SparkNotes commenter oboy1992, who pointed ... More  →

The Tricks of the Trade

By Emily WinterFebruary 27, 2009
You may not want to sell your soul, but would you trade it? Obviously, you know the country is smack in the middle of a..., um, to put it mildly, ECONOMIC MELTDOWN OMFG. And when there's no more money left to go around, people start bartering ... More  →

The I-Hate-You-College-Roommate-and-I'm-Moving-Out Letter

By Emily WinterFebruary 25, 2009
We're feeling very Bradgelina here at SparkNotes today, so we thought we'd make our own contribution to... (what was it again?)... oh yes, the Good of Humanity. But why adopt a baby when we could just help out all of you depressed undergrads who don't ... More  →

The Dumb Guy: A Man-ifesto

By Emily WinterFebruary 23, 2009
We always knew there were girls out there upholding the stereotype of "playing dumb" for guys' attention (Turns out Tiffany Thongbiscuit knows a thing or two about advanced physics, after all). But when one Sparklife commenter recently suggested that some guys dumb themselves down for ... More  →

Excuse Me, You Have Something on Your Forehead. Ohh...

By Emily WinterFebruary 20, 2009
Nike and Abercrombie, I'm sorry, this is your official BLOG-SLAP in the (inter)face. Why? In these tough economic times, we're not exactly willing to shell out cash to wear your brand across our chests. Nope, according to The New York Times, you should be paying us ... More  →

Can Nerds Reinvent Themselves for College?

By Emily WinterFebruary 18, 2009
We at SparkNotes know real college prep can't be taught in a 6-week Kaplan course, at least for some high schoolers. ...And by "some" we mean "nerds." If you've ever fantasized about reinventing your frizz-headed, unfashionable self into a College Franken-Beauty (Think Jessica Alba meets Jessica Simpson ... More  →

And the Saddest Valentine Award Goes To...

By Emily WinterFebruary 13, 2009
Buck up, you broke and lonely lust puppies: Turns out you won't be the one to have the WORST VALENTINE'S DAY IN THE WORLD, after all. But these five people will! 5. A-Rod the 'Roidster. Okay, did anyone really think baseball's most famous bod wasn't on ... More  →

What A College Tour Guide Is Really Saying

By Emily WinterFebruary 11, 2009
College tour guides are a unique breed of totally cute, optimistic, and spunky. ...Because they're paid to be that way. Luckily, we at Sparklife happen to know plenty of campus guides—and the clever euphemisms they use to describe their schools. Here's the list you'll need for all ... More  →

Love, Thongs, and the Art of 25 Things

By Emily WinterFebruary 9, 2009
Happy Monday! I promise, there’s cause to celebrate. It’s a new week, which means we’ve officially started the backlash to the backlash against Facebook’s 25 Things. Now you can publicly go back to liking it…and this is a good thing, really. What's special about Facebook's 25 ... More  →