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Chris Listens: Pregnant Friends, Confusing Sexuality, and Knowing When to LOL

By Chris_DikenJuly 24, 2009
Before donning my newly updated listening apparatus in order to process another round of scintillating Sparkler queries, I want to answer a few personal-ish questions posed in the comments of last week’s column. Namely: Chris are you on vacation? At present, I am not on vacation, unless ... More  →
Chris Listens: Pregnant Friends, Confusing Sexuality, and Knowing When to LOL

Chris Listens: Long-Lost Cousins, Empty Chairs, and the Case of the Gay Dad

By Chris_DikenJuly 17, 2009
Happy Wrong Way Corrigan Day, Sparklers. Wait, you mean to tell me you’ve never heard of Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan? He’s the American pilot who completed a transcontinental flight from California to New York, and then, on this day in 1938, set off on his ... More  →

Chris Listens: Vacation Trouble, Appearance Changes, and the Art of Finding Yourself

By Chris_DikenJuly 10, 2009
Hey y’all. This is typically the part of the post where I talk about how many great questions you submitted during the past seven days. And holy smokes, this week you did not disappoint. There was a smattering of serious issues, some genuinely deep pondering ... More  →

How to Have Fun While You’re Trapped at Home

By Chris_DikenJuly 7, 2009
During last week’s round of Chris Listens submissions (hey, that rhymes), we received the following dispatch from a Sparkler in distress: So, my mom works all week long, and I am an only child with a single mother. We have had record high temperatures where I ... More  →

Chris Listens: Brothers, Bulimia, South Africans, and Soccer

By Chris_DikenJuly 2, 2009
Hello again, my answer-seeking amigos. Family-related questions have been streaming in recently, and this week, brothers are the hot topic. Being a brother myself, I feel compelled to share a brother’s perspective. Maybe next time we can delve into the mysteries of sisters. In the ... More  →

Your Beach Problems, Solved

By Chris_DikenJune 26, 2009
Going to the beach is fun—in theory. In the days leading up to your trip, you’ll fondly anticipate swimming, tanning, and clandestinely checking out other beachgoers, plus subsequently judging those beachgoers who've decided to show a little more skin this year. (Here’s a tip: if ... More  →

Chris Listens: Australians, Vegetarians, and Summer-School-ians

By Chris_DikenJune 19, 2009
I’m proud of you, Sparklers. In last week’s double installment of Chris Listens, we tackled some tough questions, and the outpouring of support in the comments really warmed this blogger’s heart. I want to sincerely thank everyone who chimed in—especially those who shared their experiences ... More  →

Most Annoying Types of Text Message

By Chris_DikenJune 17, 2009
We’ve all received those exhilarating text messages. The ones that tell you your crush is crushing back; the ones that explain that your friend is going to be 20 minutes late, so you should go into the mall and start browsing without her; and the ... More  →

What Did You Learn This Year?

By Chris_DikenJune 16, 2009
Hey, did you know that Napoleon had hemorrhoids? Neither did we, until three days ago. A friend passed on this rich bit of trivia, saying it was one of the only things she remembered from four years of high school history classes. When it comes to ... More  →

Chris Listens: Mega-session Part II

By Chris_DikenJune 13, 2009
Editor's Note: Here's Part II of this week's Chris Listens. If you haven't already, read Part I. I really want to learn how to dance, but I have two left feet. It's really frustrating because practically everyone in my grade can dance like an extra in one ... More  →