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The Ultimate Car for Winter Driving

By Chris_DikenFebruary 13, 2009
Unless you have the chance to take your car into a snowboard park, driving in the winter kinda sucks. You have to deal with dead batteries, butt-freezing seats, and slippery conditions that can turn a trip to the store into an impromptu meeting with your ... More  →

Do You Share Your Grades With Your Friends?

By Chris_DikenFebruary 11, 2009
Back in the days when blogs posts were written in marker on bathroom walls and comments consisted of phone numbers scrawled underneath, we had an English teacher who used to pass around her grade book so everyone could see how they were doing in her ... More  →

Funk Legend + Three Dorky Teen Idols = ???

By Chris_DikenFebruary 9, 2009
When 2 Many DJs threw Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle” over the Strokes’ “Hard to Explain” in 2001, the resulting mashup was pretty dang exciting. And it remained exciting for, oh, about three minutes and 48 seconds. By the 49th second, the concept felt ... More  →