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Posts by abbey clarke

The Friday Awards: Oopsy Daisy!

By Abbey ClarkeApril 18, 2014
Well, Sparklers, count us apologetic! Last week there was no link to the secret message, making it verrrrrrrrry difficult to guess. Hopefully we will manage to get everything together this week… Click here to guess this week’s secret message (For reals this time)! And here’s a ... More  →
The Friday Awards: Oopsy Daisy!

21 Celebrity Couples Who Met On Set

By Abbey ClarkeApril 17, 2014
We love love. We love celebrities. We love movies. And we love trivia about all of the above. Check out these 21 lovely celeb couples who met on set, and the movies (or TV shows) that brought about their meeting. Bring on the feels! More  →
21 Celebrity Couples Who Met On Set

Who wants to go to Hogwarts? Now you can!

By tophfanApril 16, 2014
YOU GUYS. The best thing ever has happened to me. I think I'm crying. Or laughing. Or maybe both. Actually, it's both. HOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY IS NOW ONLINE. This isn't one of those forums where everyone roleplays a character. This isn't even Pottermore, which ... More  →


By WaffleloveApril 14, 2014
Alone yet not really alone. No warm body beside, But there is no place to hide From the shadows: My pursuers on every side.   They lurk and they speak Awful things and they reek Of death. Of fire and misery. Murderous crows with bloody sharp beaks. Unsinkable ship with a thousand leaks.   The voices, these ... More  →

The Friday Awards: Gypsy Cats!

By Abbey ClarkeApril 11, 2014
Blessed day, oh bubbly Sparklers! We thank our respective deities/the universe/our own bad selves for getting us through another long dreary week. Now it is time for rejoicing and jubilation, for Friday is here again! The sun-kissed sweetums who correctly guessed last week’s secret message are ... More  →
The Friday Awards: Gypsy Cats!

How To: Make your Profile Pic any Gif :)

By OswinOswald98April 11, 2014
Ello Sparklers! It has come to my attention ( through the many many MANY people asking me how to) That some people do not know how to make your sparkler Picture a Gif. What I mean by Gif is one of those amazing little moving pictures/short ... More  →

Open Letter: To My Sister

By ResidentialBookSellerApril 7, 2014
I was the shadows, the one no one saw as they were draw to you like moths to the flame. You, who turned into oxygen for people, something they couldn't live without, while I faded from their minds as if I never existed. You were the ... More  →

My Maiden

By TetrisAbyssApril 7, 2014
I love that I’ve found you Like the treasure you are I crossed the ocean blue I searched near and far   Your voice called upon me It floated through the air Oh I couldn’t believe what I see Was a maiden, young and fair   Your voice left me speechless Your face made my knees ... More  →

The Friday Awards: A Sparkwedding!

By Abbey ClarkeApril 5, 2014
Time marches on, folks. Friday is here again, and thank the Time Lords for that! It’s been a long week for some, short for others, and just right for a very contentedly lazy dog who has worn herself a comfy spot in her owner’s couch. Here ... More  →
The Friday Awards: A Sparkwedding!

The Geometry Monster

By AnastasiaEverlostApril 4, 2014
On one fateful night on the OT my friend December was having some problems with her geometry homework. Wic, being the evil scientist she is, created the Geometry Monster. The Geometry Monster takes homework and makes it much longer and more difficult to concentrate on. After ... More  →