5 Harry Potter Fan Theories That Would've Made the Books Way Better

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The fan theory: Crookshanks used to belong to the Potters

Whatever happened to the Potter family’s cat? The cat existed, we know that much. Lily once mentioned it in a letter to Sirius. Voldemort killed James and Lily, fine, but did he kill the cat? Did anyone adopt it? Did it run off? Did it become feral? I think about this at least three times a week.

I will acknowledge that we have no hard evidence that this cat ultimately became the menace we know and love as Crookshanks. None whatsoever. All we have are two fictional cats and our beliefs. And even if these cats are one and the same, the plot would remain largely unchanged. It wouldn't have any drastic impact on the series as a whole. I know this. I understand this. I just need to know the cat is okay. Is that so much to ask?

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