QUIZ: Can You Identify the Famous Book By Its Last Sentence?

QUIZ: Can You Identify the Famous Book By Its Last Sentence?

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If you can't get at least a 7/10 on this quiz, you are a disgrace. Just take your books and go.

1. "The old man was dreaming about the lions."

2. "It's funny. Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody."

3. "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."

4. "Later on he will understand how some men so loved her, that they did dare much for her sake."

5. "Lying on the floor was a dead man, in evening dress, with a knife in his heart. He was withered, wrinkled, and loathsome of visage. It was not till they had examined the rings that they recognized who it was."

6. "Oh, my girls, however long you may live, I never can wish you a greater happiness than this."

7. "She looked up and across the barn, and her lips came together and smiled mysteriously."

8. "For all to be accomplished, for me to feel less lonely, all that remained to hope was that on the day of my execution there should be a huge crowd of spectators and that they should greet me with howls of execration."

9. "All human wisdom is contained in these words: Wait and hope!"

10. "The knife came down, missing him by inches, and he took off."

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