Every Person You're Going to Meet in High School, Summed Up in a Single Sentence



You may think that your high school experience is unique, but the truth is that we’re all enduring pretty much the same hormone-riddled battle royale no matter where we are. All high schools have a bathroom that’s constantly being vandalized, cafeteria food that is legitimately violating at least 10 health codes, and roving packs of fifteen-year-old boys wearing basketball shorts even though it’s twenty degrees out (we know you’re cold, guys. YOU’RE NOT FOOLING ANYONE).

To collect all of these personality types in one place, we made a list of every single person you’ll meet in high school. While you’re clicking through, keep one thing in mind: if you think that your school doesn’t have mouth-breathing loud chewer, it’s because you’re the mouth-breathing loud chewer. We’re sorry to be the ones who had to tell you that.

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