9 Literary Friendships That Will Definitely Show Up On Your English Quiz

The Old Globe Theater


Horatio and Hamlet

Friendship Type: The Confidant

You might say that Hamlet’s going through a rough patch: his dad is haunting him, he's losing his mind, his uncle-murdering plan sucks, and his fave spot to hang out is the graveyard. But in spite of all of this, Horatio still stands by  him—that’s what makes their friendship special. Only Horatio knows the real Hamlet, and in the end, he’s the only true friend that the fresh prince of Denmark has—even Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Hammy's old school chums, turn on him. If 75% of these guys hadn’t died, it would have been one awkward reunion at Elsinore College of Textiles and Future Despots.

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