9 Literary Friendships That Will Definitely Show Up On Your English Quiz



Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn

Friendship Type: The Kids from Opposite Sides of the Tracks 

Huck Finn is a homeless, street-smart loafer. Tom Sawyer’s an adventurous scamp. Huck’s life is filled with attempts on his life and alarmingly regular murders. Tom’s is filled with whitewashed fences and a platoon of scorned ten-year-old fiancés. Despite their different experiences, they bond over a shared love of hijinks, and an inherent(/pathological?) talent for inventing complex narratives on the spot.

Together they go on dangerous adventures, start a gang of robbers, and thwart the schemes of some bad dudes. In the biggest feat of any literary friendship, they split 12,000 dollars of gold right down the middle, without the need for lawyers or hand-to-hand combat. And to top it all off, they're such good pals that Huck doesn’t seem to mind that Tom hijacked the last third of his novel. 

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