9 of the Most Satisfying Deaths in Fiction, Ranked



#2: Claudius from 'Hamlet'

Claudius dies a devious, gruesome death befitting his devious, gruesome life. Quick recap: Hamlet stabs him, then doubles down on this “I’m definitely murdering my uncle” thing by forcing Claudius to drink the poison that Claudius had intended for Hamlet. This may SEEM like overkill, but I guess Claudius should’ve thought about that before he murdered his own brother, married the widow, and told Hamlet to stop being such a sad sack about it.

What makes this one so rewarding is that Hamlet decides to avenge his father, then waffles around for another FOUR AND A HALF ACTS, touching skulls and procrastinating, before he finally gets around to it. Shouting “Do it! Just do it already!” around Act V is not only extremely commonplace, it’s expected.

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